Application of Acrel-2000 Power Monitoring System in No. 200 Tianlin Road

Introduce No. 200, Tianlin Road, using intelligent power meters to collect various electrical parameters and switching signals from the power distribution site. The system adopts the on-site local networking mode. After networking, it communicates through the fieldbus and travels to the background. Through the Acrel-2000 power monitoring and power management system, the real-time monitoring and management of the power distribution circuit of the substation is realized.
Yang Junjun

1 Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd., Jiading, Shanghai 201801, China;

0 Overview

No. 200 Tianlin Road is located in No. 200, Xuhui District, Shanghai. The land area is 24629.3m2, the total construction area is 60140m2, the total floor area is 44440m2, the underground total construction area is 15700m2, the thermal insulation area is about 20800m2, and the underground floor is mainly equipment. Use of houses, motor garages and bicycle parking garages. The first floor is the foyer, supporting services, staff restaurant and kitchen, property management room. The upper layers are industrial R&D houses.

This project is part of the power monitoring system of the low-voltage transformer substation of No. 200 Tianlin Road.

1 Demand analysis

There are two 0.4KV power distribution rooms on site. Power monitoring systems need to implement centralized data management, analysis and processing. The approximate functional requirements of the software are as follows:

Monitoring information such as voltage, current, power, power factor and frequency is refreshed in real time and displayed visually and dynamically in a single graph. The information of each electrical parameter, circuit name, and current limit of the circuit is displayed on each circuit sub-screen.

A trend curve is drawn for the current of each loop to facilitate analysis of the distribution operation conditions of the loop.

The power collection function of each loop can generate power consumption reports that meet customer management requirements during the time period.

This technical condition applies to the 0.4KV power distribution room low voltage cabinet at No. 200 Tianlin Road. Supplier products should be highly safe and reliable, easy to expand, and easy to maintain and maintain. The products provided by the supplier shall meet at least the technical conditions, but not limited to this, and its technical performance shall meet the requirements for data monitoring of the power distribution room.

2 system plan

The monitoring system mainly realizes the electricity monitoring and power management of the 0.4kV power distribution system of No. 200 Tianlin Road Substation. The monitoring range is 1# substation, 2# substation T1, T2, T3, T4 transformer low-voltage incoming line cabinet, contact cabinet, feeder cabinet instrument for remote real-time monitoring and power management. The system accesses 85 multi-function power meters of 2# substation, divided into 4 buses, and the bus directly accesses the acquisition equipment in the substation; accesses 99 multi-function power meters of 1# substation, divided into 4 buses. The duty room is located in the duty room next to the 1# substation, the bus directly accesses the on-duty indoor collection equipment, and the 2# substation acquisition equipment uploads the data to the duty room host through the optical fiber, thereby implementing the on-line instrument and monitoring host on the monitoring host. Data connectivity. As shown in the figure below: station management layer, network communication layer and field device layer.

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2# substation network topology

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1# substation network topology

1) Station management

The management of the station control management system for the power monitoring system is a direct window for human-computer interaction. In the main refers to the industrial computer, display, UPS, etc. placed in the duty room.

2) Network communication layer

The communication layer is mainly composed of NPORT5610-8 serial server, Ethernet device and bus network. The main function of the NPORT5610-8 serial server is to monitor the on-site intelligent instrument; the main function of the Ethernet device and the bus network is to realize data interaction, make the distribution system management centralized, informative and intelligent, and greatly improve the safety of the power distribution system. Sex, reliability and stability have truly achieved unattended goals.

3) Field device layer

The field device layer is a data acquisition terminal, which is mainly composed of smart meters. The smart meter is connected to the communication server through the shielded twisted pair RS485 interface, and uses the MODBUS communication protocol bus type connection to reach the communication host through the communication server. Implement remote control.

Smart meter field connection

The field instrument is connected by hand-shielded through the shielded twisted pair (RVVSP2*1.0). The number of smart meters connected to each bus is about 20, and then the data is uploaded to the serial port server NPORT5610-8, and the data is uploaded to the local monitoring. terminal. The specific connection diagram is as follows:

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The low-voltage incoming and feeder loops use multi-function meters that measure all conventional power parameters such as three-phase voltage, current, power factor, frequency, active energy, and reactive energy.

3 system function


After the system is powered on, the operating system and power monitoring system can be accessed by clicking the corresponding shortcut icon. The system adopts full Chinese interface, and the operation is simple and convenient; the operation is stable and reliable. Click the corresponding shortcut button to enter the corresponding system function module; the system has a system diagram display, simulation diagram display and network structure diagram display; the system provides a friendly human-computer interaction interface, all operations can be performed on the interface, and Remote display function.

login interface

Click on the “Tianlin Road 200 Substation Power Monitoring System” on the desktop and the software will start running. The initial interface is “Login Interface”. Select the user name, enter the corresponding password, and click the login button to enter the monitoring system interface and view the monitoring data. Otherwise, it cannot be viewed. The user name is divided into "administrator" and "operator". The two permissions are different. The operator can only operate some functions, and the administrator has the highest authority.

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After entering the monitoring system interface, you will find that the entire interface is divided into three parts, title interface, power distribution system interface and menu switching interface.

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In the menu switching interface, there are 2 shortcut functions for minimizing and exiting. When you choose to quit, the system will pop up. If you click OK, all programs will be exited; if you click Cancel, the system will not operate.

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Menu switching interface

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At the bottom of the software window is the menu switching interface. The seven buttons in the interface row are the function switching buttons of the system.

By clicking the function button on the menu switching interface, you can enter the corresponding function interface.

Distribution monitoring

Power distribution monitoring function description

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You can view the distribution and connection of the distribution circuits as well as the main electrical parameters. The main data includes: three-phase current, three-phase voltage, power of the incoming loop, power, power factor, circuit name, and current and circuit name of the outgoing loop.

After logging in to the system as an administrator, you can click on the loop name in the system map to modify the loop name directly. After the modification, the system will automatically save it. In this interface, you can view the detailed parameters of the three-phase table.

Each loop icon and bus icon of the system diagram will display green when there is no power, and will display red after power-on to distinguish.

Communication status

Communication status function description

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Click on "Communication Status" in the menu bar.

After entering the communication state, it can be seen that the entire system adopts a distributed network structure with a transformer as a trunk, and has a system network diagnosis function. It can monitor the network communication status of the system in real time. When a network failure occurs, the system automatically displays the fault line and specific unit.

Electrical parameter report

Electric parameter report function description

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Click on "Electrical Parameters Report" on the menu bar.

Set the time of the time control, click the query button to query the electrical parameter report of each loop at a certain moment in history. The main data includes: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power compensation factor, and electrical energy.

This report contains all the loops. Help users to understand whether voltage instability, current limit, power and power factor meet the requirements during system operation. Based on the second, better management and optimization of the system. If there are multiple forms, you can choose to switch at the bottom of the table page.

The report can be exported and printed with a spreadsheet.

Energy report

Power report function description

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Click on "Power Report" on the menu bar.

The management of the power consumption is presented in the form of a report. The report can present the power consumption of each loop in any period of time during the operation of the system. Each incoming loop and its outgoing loop are made in a table, which is convenient. Inquire. If there are multiple forms, you can choose to switch at the bottom of the table page.

By adjusting the start time and end time, click the "Query" button to display the power consumption during this time period, or export and print in the form of a spreadsheet.

Current curve

Current curve function description

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Click on the “Current Curve” on the corresponding circuit of the power distribution system diagram.

When a loop is selected, the loop name is displayed at the top of the window. The X-axis of the graph represents the time span and the Y-axis represents the span. Click “Refresh Curve” to display the historical curve display of the selected loop for one day and seven days; click “Search Curve” to adjust the “Start Time” to display the current trend curve of the selected loop in the past day and seven days. You can zoom in on the curves in the selected area by modifying the "Mouse Zoom".

The current curve helps the user to perform power quality analysis and fault analysis.

Alarms and events

Alarm and event secondary menu

Alarm and event secondary menu

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By clicking the function button on the alarm and event secondary menu, you can enter the corresponding function interface.

Real-time alarm

Telemetry real-time alarm function

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The real-time alarm window is divided into “telemetry real-time alarm” and remote real-time alarm, which respectively monitor the telemetry and remote signal collected by the system. The alarm window opens automatically when the system is running and remains hidden in the background.

When there is current or voltage limit and the alarm limit is reached, the “Real-time real-time alarm” window will pop up automatically, and the specific alarm information will be displayed in red font: loop name, over-limit electric parameter, alarm value, etc.

Historical alarm

Alarm history query

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Click on “Telemetry History Alarm” in the Alarm and Event secondary menu.

By clicking the Query button, you can query the system alarm information in any past time period by adjusting the start time and end time, including the telemetry alarm and the remote alarm, as well as the specific alarm time, alarm type, and alarm content.

User Management

User Management Function Description

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Click on "User Management" in the menu bar.

The user management interface provides users with three functions related to user identity and management. User login can be used to switch the identity of the logged-in user. The logged-in user can delete the logged-in user's identity through User Logout. The administrator can modify the login password of all users through User Configuration. Use Add Delete to add a user identity, or delete an existing user identity.

4 Conclusion

In today's power distribution facilities, the distribution security of the substation is of vital importance. The application of the Acrel-2000 power monitoring system described in this paper at No. 200 Tianlin Road can realize the power supply to the substation power supply and distribution circuit. The real-time monitoring can not only display the power consumption of the loop, but also have the network communication function, and can form a power monitoring system with the serial port server and the computer. The system realizes the analysis and processing of the collected data, displays the running status of each distribution circuit in the substation in real time, and has a pop-up alarm dialog box, voice prompt, SMS alarm light for the closing and closing of the load, and generates various energy reports. Analyze curves, graphs, etc., to facilitate remote meter reading and analysis and research of electric energy. The system is safe, reliable and stable, providing a real and reliable basis for the factory to solve the problem of electricity consumption, and has achieved good business benefits.


[1]. Ren Zhicheng Zhou Zhong. Principles and Application Guidelines of Power Electrical Measurement Digital Instrumentation [M]. Beijing. China Electric Power Press. 2007. 4

[2]. Zhou Zhongbian. Smart grid customer power monitoring and power management system product selection and solution [M]. Beijing. Mechanical Industry Press. 2011.10

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