British Sirius Power and Nissan collaborate to develop low-cost solid oxide fuel cell technology

According to foreign media reports, the UK's Ceres Power announced that it has further established a new partnership with Nissan to develop fuel cell technology for electric vehicles (EV). The British Sirius Power Company was spun off from Imperial College in London and is the developer of SteelCell's low-cost solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC).

The project of Sirius Power and the British Welding Institute (TWI) has received a total of £8 million (US$10.4 million) from the UK government through the UK Advanced Advancement Research and Development Center (APC).

SteelCell's solid oxide fuel cell fuels are flexible and can generate energy efficiently using traditional fuels such as natural gas and sustainable fuels such as biogas, ethanol or hydrogen. According to Sirius Power, SteelCell solid oxide fuel cells are made from high-volume and widely available materials that are cost-effective, powerful and scalable.

The project with Nissan will involve the design, construction, testing and demonstration of a compact, robust solid oxide fuel cell stack produced by Sirius Power, which will be deployed in Nissan's various high-efficiency fuels for biofuels. Type of fuel cell module.

After the successful completion of the two-year development plan (EVRE-Extended Electric Vehicle) funded by the Innovate UK project, the project naturally became the next step in improving technology and preparing for mass production, which will be the SteelCell Solid Oxide Fuel. The battery is used in cars.

Sirius Power will receive £7 million from the UK's Advanced Advancement R&D Center, while the British Welding Institute will receive £1 million in funding, and the entire project will total £19 million for three years. The new partnership is based on the successful development of Sino-Israel's cooperation with Nissan over the past two years, and witnessed the success of Sirius Power's commercialization of its SteelCell fuel cell technology in the automotive market.

Sirius Power recently announced a strategic partnership with China Weichai Power to develop technology for China's fast-growing electric bus market, and soon expanded its cooperation with Nissan.

Sirius Power has six strategic partners, including Cummins, Honda & Nissan, two unnamed partners, and China Weichai Power, which has recently established a partnership.

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