Carpet shopping skills to share

Xiao Bian today to share with you some of the skills on the purchase of carpets, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
1, to see the foot feel high-quality carpet feet comfortable, non-stick, non-slip, good elasticity, soon after stepping can be restored to the original state; poor carpet elasticity is often very small, very slow recovery after stepping, rough feet, and often With a hard object feeling.
2, see the appearance of high-quality pure wool carpet pattern clear and beautiful, suede shiny, uniform color, pattern is clear, the following plush soft, inverted consistent; and poor carpet is dull color, fuzzy pattern, plush sparse, easy to play Sticky ash is not resistant to dirt.
3, to see the process of high-quality carpet superb technology, carpet surface straight, lines have rules; poor carpet is rough work, leak line and exposed at the end of more, and its weight is also lower because of the density of high quality goods.
4, to see raw materials, high-quality raw materials are generally made of fine wool woven textiles, the hair is long and uniform, soft, flexible, no hard root; inferior carpet materials are often mixed with mildew deterioration of bad hair and polyester fiber, etc. , Its hair is short and the thickness of the root is not uniform, the hand is inflexible when groped, and it has hard roots.
The carpet shopping skills will be introduced to you here, if you want to continue to understand this content, please continue to focus on my company's news.

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