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【China Aluminum Network】 Ceiling is a relatively common decoration project in the home, we always inadvertently contact the roof in daily life, so it is necessary to make a beautiful ceiling. However, the materials for ceiling decoration are very diverse. In the end, what kind of decoration materials is better? Let's compare them together.

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Ceiling decoration materials include mineral wool board, gypsum board, wood board, PVC plastic buckle board, glass, metal, etc. The two commonly used materials are gypsum boards and aluminum buckle boards.

Gypsum board VS aluminum buckle board Gypsum board is also divided into many types, including gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, fiber gypsum board, hollow gypsum board, and the like. Gypsum board is lightweight, able to isolate heat, absorb noise, and is not flammable. It can also be sawed at will. The decorative effect is better, but the disadvantage is that it is not moisture-proof. Therefore, plasterboards are generally used as ceiling materials for living rooms, bedroom dens, etc., and cannot be used for kitchen ceilings. The average price of ceilings made of gypsum plasterboard is now 150-300 yuan/m2. This, of course, is related to the choice of ceiling styles. It cannot be generalized.

The sharpness of the aluminum gusset plate is relatively simple, mainly two types of right-angled aluminum gusset plate and angled aluminum gusset plate. The aluminum buckle plate can not only prevent fire and moisture, but also can be anti-static, anti-static, sound-absorbing and sound-insulating. It is a better ceiling material at present. However, the ceiling decoration of the aluminum buckle plate is not as strong as the gypsum board ceiling, and it is not easy to deform due to dirt, so it is commonly used. The kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration. The average price of general aluminum buckle decoration is 150-250 yuan/square meter, and each city will have different but little difference.

Look at how people's home ceilings are made. When choosing ceiling building materials, people will choose according to different space, functions, and uses. Look at how these homeowners are choosing ceiling materials based on different space.

Gypsum Ceiling Streamlined Design Most homes in home improvement now use gypsum board ceilings. These ceilings are usually made of wood keels, calcium silicate boards and plywood. Streamlined ceilings are very popular among homeowners. . A 74 square meter small Chinese-style multi-story building, staircase, living room and other places with a streamlined ceiling design, the entire home of the ceiling using 30x40mm wood keel, Jinfu brand 8MM calcium silicate board, 9MM splint and other materials, the entire ceiling decoration costs about 10042 yuan.

The aluminum buckle ceiling is suitable for kitchen space. The ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate is mostly used in kitchen and bathroom decoration. The main reason is that it has good waterproof and moisture resistance, and whether it is a large-sized apartment, a small-sized apartment or a double-structured apartment, the kitchen ceiling is made of aluminum buckles. The current situation will not be abrupt, and the construction cost of the aluminum buckle ceiling is relatively low.

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