China has become a primary country for aluminum forging

【China Aluminum Network】Free forgings and die forgings are important structural components and high-precision technology products. China has become the world's primary producer of aluminum forgings, Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. and Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. The 5m and 9m grade forged rings produced by the responsible company not only met the needs of the development of the Chinese aerospace industry, but also had a batch of other aluminum alloy forgings loaded with thousands of Boeing aircraft. A quality accident.

As of 2015, China has approximately 40 die forging machines ranging from 30 MN to 500 MN, including 2 sets of 300 MN, 3 sets of 400 MN, and 1 set of 500 MN. The king of the world's forging press designed and manufactured by the company is the 800 MN die forging machine. Has also been put into production, will forge the world more large aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other alloy forgings. In 2014, the production capacity of aluminum forgings in China was approximately 194 kt (including wheel forgings).

In 2015, the aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy forging industries in China are summarized in the following table, with a total capacity of 194 kt/a.

Typical enterprises 1. Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Harbin Aluminum Processing Plant, code-named No. 1 Plant) The forging workshop was completed and put into operation in 1961, and is an earlier aluminum and magnesium alloy forging project in China. Introduced from the Soviet Union, there are 100 MN forging presses, 50 MN forging presses, 30 MN forging presses, 3 MN free forging presses, and 2 milling and milling machines. The designed forging production capacity is 3.7kt/a, of which free forgings are 0.8kt/a and die forgings are 2.9kt/a. Over 95% of the products are used for aerospace vehicles and military use. Since the reform and opening up, aerospace products are still major, However, general industrial forgings have increased significantly.

2. Earlier forging plant for self-reliance construction - Southwest Aluminum Processing Plant die forging branch plant Southwest Alcoa (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly Southwest Aluminum Processing Plant, codenamed No.112) Die Forging Plant is a New China self-reliance The earlier aluminum and magnesium alloy forgings production plant built was put into operation on July 1, 1970. There are eight pillar vertical 300MNs designed and manufactured by China Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (named Folaji heavy machinery factory at that time). Forging hydraulic press 1 and 60MN free forging hydraulic press 1 and forging production capacity 24.5kt/a. There is also a 125 MN horizontal hydraulic press, on the one hand for large forging extrusion billets and on the other hand for extrusion of some industrial large sections.

Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. Forging Press Factory is manufacturing a 100MN free forging machine, which will be put into production by the end of 2017 or the first half of 2018. The branch has provided more than 100,000 tons of high-quality forgings for the development of the Chinese aerospace industry since 1970. It has also exported a considerable number of forgings to the United States and equipped thousands of Boeing aircraft.

3. China's larger aluminum forging plant to be put into operation - the first phase of the Nanshan Aviation Division's forging company, which is part of Nanshan Group's forging company Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., can be put into operation in December this year or early next year. It is said that only 710 MN is much smaller than the 1200 MN of the Second Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., but it will be more in terms of the number of aluminum forgings. Nanshan Aviation Division's forging company has four forging presses, two forging presses, one for each of 125 MN and 500 MN, and was introduced from Siempelkamp, ​​Germany.

In December 2012, Nanshan Forge Corporation ordered one 500-MN hydraulic forging machine from the company of Sempelkamp. This is the larger machine manufactured in Germany so far. The bottom size is 4m by 7m. Another two free-forging machines, one for 25MN and one for 60MN, were introduced from Wipkoschlik.

This forging machine can produce aluminum alloy forgings and can also produce titanium alloy forgings. The total investment of the project is more than 1.5 billion yuan, and the leading products are aluminum alloy forging products required for aerospace, transportation, energy, power machinery, and mining equipment. Aluminum alloy forgings have high added value. Based on 2013 prices, the sales price is about 95,000 yuan/t. In 2016, Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is the aluminum industry company with a relatively complete industrial chain in the world, and it is also a single aluminum enterprise with a relatively large production capacity. All the enterprises are alumina plants, aluminum electrolysis plants, rolling mills, extrusion plants, and forgings. Plants, self-produced power plants, deep processing plants, etc. are all reasonably distributed on a 20km x 20km "aluminum" land. This 400km2 site has concentrated about 60% of China's 2015 cans, 12% double zero foil, 25% hard alloy strips, 40% forgings, and 4% large-scale high-end industrial extrusions.

4. Xi'an Triangle Aviation Forging Co., Ltd. Xi'an Triangle Aviation Forging Co., Ltd. is located in Yanbu District, Xi’an and provides large forgings for Xi’an Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. There is a large single-cylinder precision forging hydraulic press—400MN hydraulic press. Designed by the team of Professor Yan Yongnian of Tsinghua University as the chief designer team, China Twenty-two Metallurgical Co., Ltd. is jointly manufactured with Tsinghua University and is the world’s largest single-cylinder wire wound hydraulic press in the world. It was put into production in 2012 and its products are mainly used for aircrafts such as Aircraft Landing Gear and Engine Superalloy Turbine Disk. The basic technical parameters are:

Total height, m20

High on the ground, m14

Deep under the ground, m6

Total mass, t3200

Working pressure, N/mm260

Table size, m3.5×4.5

Larger speed, mm/s60

5. Alcoa Suzhou Large-scale Wheel Forging Plant Alcoa Wheel & Transportation Products (AWTP) announced in January 2013 that it will build a professional wheel forging plant in Suzhou, China, for trucks, semi-trailers and buses. The move marks the full launch of Alcoa's manufacturing, distribution, sales and service network for wheel products in mainland China. Alcoa Corporation has implemented the world's aluminum alloy wheel technology, especially its surface treatment technology. It also has two fastener factories in Suzhou.

6. Kobe Steel (Suzhou) Aluminium Co., Ltd. Kobe Steel (Suzhou) Aluminium Co., Ltd. is an automotive suspension system forging plant built by Japanese Kobe Steel Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Handa Trading Group with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. They accounted for 60%, 25% and 15% of the shares respectively, and the forging production capacity was 10,000 pieces/a. They were put into operation in October 2014. This is actually an expansion project, adding one 60MN forging press.

7. Zhongxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd. Zhongxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoyang Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Province. It is a forged flange bearing and wheel enterprise with a production capacity of 5 million pieces/a and a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. Machine, put into production in September 2014.

8. China Metallurgical Twenty-two Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. China Metallurgical Twenty-two Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. independently developed a 120MN multi-directional die forging machine to forge a 630mm diameter superhard aluminum alloy wheel with a mass of 65kg on October 11, 2014. Its mass is 20% lighter than that of cast wheels, and its tensile strength is 3 times that of cast wheels. This wheel is forged by two processes, pre-forging and final forging.

9. AVIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. June 2015 ISOL Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.'s isothermal forging production line (Phase 1) construction project 160MN isothermal forging presses have been successfully tested in Xi’an in Xi’an and are the current domestic forging presses with greater forging pressure. Presses will greatly promote the research, development, and production of aerospace vehicles and their engine forgings, and are of great significance to China's breakthrough in the development bottleneck of aircraft and engine forgings.

The 160MN isothermal forging press (see figure) has accurate and controllable characteristics of forging speed and displacement, which can meet the isothermal superplastic forming of difficult special deformation alloy forgings such as aerospace special high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys and intermetallic compounds. This 160MN isothermal forging press has a design forging pressure of 160MN and a practically larger forging pressure of up to 200MN. It can meet the current precision titanium alloy forgings for all aircraft structures, as well as isothermal precision forging of engine hard-to-deform alloy disks and shaft forgings. . According to the superplastic forming theory, under the isothermal forging process conditions, the 160 MN press has a forging capability of 800 MN~1000 MN ordinary forging press, and the quality of the forging is also greatly improved.

Second - China's Larger Forging Base As of 2015, China's No.2 Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has 4 forging machines, 2 forging machines, 1 for 120 MN and 160 MN, and 400 MN and 800 MN forging presses. , thus becoming one of the larger forging bases in the world. With the world's largest 800MN die forging press, known as "the king of heavy equipment", put into production in January 2013. Designed by the team's chief designer team, Deputy Chief Engineer Chen Xiaoci, the second-tier independent manufacturing, self-installed, total height of about 42m, 27m above ground, 15m underground, equivalent to 13-storey building, total weight of about 22kt, can be Within the pressure of 800MN any stepless pressure forging, large die forging force of up to 1000MN, high synchronization accuracy, anti-unbalanced load capacity, can achieve stepless voltage regulation speed.

From 2003 800MN die forging press application project to April 2013 to enter the trial production stage, the demonstration of 5 years, the construction of 5 years, can be described as 10 years of grinding a sword, has more than 1,000 people involved in the construction, China double started 10 years Dream-breaking course, based on absorption, digestion and re-innovation, it broke through the limit manufacturing of super-large, ultra-long, and over-heavy parts and achieved a combination of new technologies and inherent technologies. It succeeded in successfully developing 800MN large-scale die forging presses. Make China a country with high-level global forging equipment. At present, only the United States, Russia, and France have similar equipment, the largest of which is Russia's 750MN forging press.

The commissioning of the 800MN die forging press will completely change the passive situation in which China's large-scale die forgings rely on imports for a long time and be controlled by others. This will be of great significance in realizing the autonomy guarantee of large-scale die forging products, and has opened a new historical course for China to become a manufacturing powerhouse. Since then, Chinese aircraft and spacecraft, ships, and armored weapons have encountered difficulties in large-scale production, such as dynamic power generation, marine engineering, west-to-east gas transmission, and deep mining. More complex components can be accurately formed in all 800MN die presses.

Professor Yan Yongnian who has made significant contributions to China's forging equipment has made significant contributions to the development of China's aluminum alloy forging industry. He completed the manufacture of 300MN forging presses in the late 1960s and completed 800MN forgings in 2012. Machine manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Tsinghua University professor and doctoral tutor Yan Yongnian has been engaged in material forming R&D for 45 years. During a long academic and engineering career, he has carried out research and development of advanced manufacturing technologies and formed three related directions: high pressure forming, rapid prototyping and bioforming. Theories and methods such as iso-shear stress coiling, pre-stress splitting and canting, discrete-interceptor forming, and tissue-like precursor manufacturing were proposed. Completed the manufacture and commissioning of a 400MN helium heat exchanger hydraulic press in 1994. Completed the production of 360MN and 150MN large heavy-walled vertical steel pipe vertical hydraulic units in 2009, and completed the “Eleventh Five-Year” major scientific and technological support of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012. Planned project 400MN aviation die forging single-cylinder hydraulic press and Jiangsu Province science and technology achievement transformation project 300MN single-cylinder precision die forging hydraulic press 5, they are all world-class heavy equipment.

Yan Yongnian retired in 2007. In addition to being the chief advisor of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, Kunshan Yongnian Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yongnian Laser Forming Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Yongnian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. have been established since 2012. long.

The team of Professor Yan Yongnian as the chief designer is responsible for manufacturing 600MN ultra-high-pressure physical hydraulic presses, 200MN vertical-extrusion hydraulic presses, and 1200MN super-heavy vertical extrusion presses. They are either the first in the world or the world's largest. In total, there are 11 sets of hydraulic machines ≥ 100 MN that have been completed or are being manufactured.

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