Choose the right beauty and tile stitching steps

In recent years, people's requirements for home living environment are getting higher and higher, and the demand for home decoration is no longer limited to the practical level, but the pursuit of health, environmental protection, and more and more attention to home beauty. In the past few years of renovation, I have also seen the rise of the beauty industry. What are the steps of the beautiful seams of the tiles ? Let’s take a look at the related content of the home of the decoration home!


First, choose the right beauty agent

The above also talked about more people pursuing health and environmental protection, so I used more water-based beauty grouts during construction. It is also better to use than oily grouts. The more famous ones on the market are: "Zhuo Gao" and "Angolo" are two brands of water-based beauty grouts. I usually use Angolo's water-based beauty grout. The technology is derived from Switzerland and the raw materials are imported. After selecting the beautiful sewing agent brand, the color of the beautiful color matching with the tile is selected according to the color card provided by the merchant.

Second, the construction steps

1. Clear the seam, use a slotting machine or a utility knife to dig the filler inside the tile first, then clean it with a small brush to ensure that there is no sandstone, dust and water in the porcelain seam.

2. Stick the textured paper on both sides of the tile gap, and choose whether to use it according to the type of tile.


3, glue, glue the most tiring part of the construction of the seam, there are more things to pay attention to. At the beginning of the glue, the gel has not been mixed, so it is necessary to discard the first 30 centimeters of the exfoliating agent. In winter, the colloid is sticky and difficult to glue. When used, it can be soaked in hot water or heated in the air cylinder. Stop pressing the gun at about 8 cm from the end, let the thrust inertia push the glue out; after stopping the glue, you should press the glue gun to lift the gun to the sky (to avoid the glue dripping onto the tile), and use the cloth to spray the gun in time. The glue of the mouth is wiped off; it is best to finish the tube and rest. If it stops midway, it will be harder to beat when it comes back, indicating that the glue at the nozzle begins to solidify. Please replace the mixing tube.

4, pressure seam, in the use of fine seam construction, because the height of the gel is not easy to control, so in the middle of the glue, you need to use the pressure seam ball pressure seam, so that the beautiful agent in the gap shows a smooth line. Make it more beautiful.

5, trimming, and so on, the surface of the beautiful sewing agent is dry, use the beautiful seam scraper to remove the excess. Usually the next day, but winter may need to be extended. After the completion of the construction, try not to step on the beautiful seam area of ​​the tile within 74 hours. Stepping on the uncured condition may affect the beautiful seam construction effect of the beautiful grout.

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