Create a noble sense of home 9 purple curtain recommended

The shade of the curtain will affect the visual experience of the entire home space. If you want to create a romantic and mysterious space feeling, you may choose to use purple tone curtains. The purple depth will also bring you different decorative effects. Today, Xiao Bian also collected Less purple tone curtains, the effect is very good, take a look.

Xiao Bian Recommended: This light purple curtain overall looks very warm, overall design simple and stylish atmosphere, good decorative effect, good drape, soft. Pure color is simple and natural, easy to match. The curtains on the ground are easy to manage and convenient.

Xiao Bian recommended : deep purple has a kind of low-key mystery, velvet material to enhance the texture of the curtain, a little thick, it is relatively strong shading. When choosing this curtain, pay attention to the lighting required for space.

Xiao Bian Recommended : This curtain cotton and linen texture, natural environmental protection. It adopts a purple printed sunflower design, which makes the decorative effect even more noticeable on the white-embossed linen cloth, highlighting the simple and elegant atmosphere of the home. The most suitable bedroom is the living room and bedroom.

Curtain fabric curtains

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