Custom furniture production process Custom furniture production six steps

In modern life, people are more and more inclined to choose custom-made wooden furniture because of the high cost of residential space. This is conducive to making full use of the limited space, designing and matching various styles of houses, and adding more colors to family life. What is the custom furniture production process ? Omido Xiaobian briefly introduced custom furniture production six steps .


1. Lofting: Whether you customize a wardrobe, TV cabinet, or wine cooler, every piece of furniture should be put through a sampler before it is produced. However, lofting is generally only used for special-shaped furniture structures.

2, the choice of materials to open the material: hand-over with the woodworking list, the number of wood species, strictly control the quality of wood, it is best to personally select, and then is to arrange the material, each product is in accordance with the size of the drawings to open a good material .

3. Carpentry: Carpentry is actually a process in which the various parts of the product are processed into the shapes and dimensions required for the drawing from the raw material of the good material.

4. Assembling: At the stage of product assembly, the requirements are that the parts and the panel should be 90 degrees, the interface is smooth and smooth; the four feet have no inclination, the diagonal should be 90 degrees, and the four feet should be flat as glass. When the product is assembled, there is orderly attention. The woodworking master first carries out assembly of the parts, assembly of the shelves, and assembly of the parts. The tools used are wooden hammers, fixtures, etc.

5, paint: paint this step for furniture to make the effect of the effect is crucial, the surface smoothness, brightness determines the aesthetic appearance of the furniture. Good furniture brands and environmentally friendly products are even more stringent in terms of paints.

6, installation and assembly of components: After the completion of all product processes, it is necessary to install some accessories, etc., the installation of the finished product is also the most complete. The packaging of the product is also very important for the protection of the product. In general, it is necessary to use pearl cotton to wrap each part of the furniture and then pack it with paper skin, and then seal it with tape, and then nail wood protection.


Production process introduction

1, because many people now choose to customize the panel furniture, so the following on the plate furniture as an example to introduce its detailed production process.

2. The production process of panel furniture should be composed of raw materials, woodworking production, paint finishing, final product packaging, and many other steps. The complexity of the plate process is closely related to many factors such as the appearance of the product design, product structure, materials used, and the number of product varieties on the production line. For the drawer bottom plate, only the material can be opened, and for the honeycomb hollow floor panel, The processing of a single panel will take more than two dozen processes to complete.

Production process

1. Due to the different surface materials and surface decoration effects, panel furniture also has different technological processes. The main representative categories are: wood-leaf panel furniture, sticker panel furniture, solid-color panel furniture, melamine-type panel furniture and one of the above categories. A mixture of two or more types of panel furniture.

2, for the convenience of operation usually plate furniture production is divided into A, B two lines. Line A is the part of the MDF sticker or white oil coating line. The route is as follows:

A: open material → platen (pinning) → clear edge (grooving) → machine → batch gray → stickers → primer → dry sand → topcoat → installation.

B: The processing route of the processing board (decoration panel) is specifically: blanking→pressing board→clearance→sealing→trimming→installation—Since the working procedure of the B line is simple, the normal B line opening time is delayed compared to the A line opening time. 3-4 days to facilitate the two-line package.

I hope to help you understand the custom furniture production process , more furniture knowledge is concerned about the GO good home information channel.

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