High-power diesel generator monitoring system

Monitoring system of high-power diesel generator sets Guangerzengcheng Jianglong Electric Power Zhang Xiaoyue Huang Yuhui Liao Yanhong 1 main equipment parameters 4 diesel engines for the fluttering number of 1.28 manufacturers 8. 8 Ugly Ding Shangzheng 5 Ding 10 against the company. Work. Rate 225 circles, turn two columns of 9 cylinders. The compression ratio is 13.3, the bore diameter is 57, 1 and the fJ range is 660mm, and two MAN NA57 type air turbines and pressure regulators are equipped. Governor for, 200 mechanical-hydraulic governor manufacturer 000 company=regulator composing manual or setting motor speed setting set piston speed spring and flyweight balance guide valve plunger power piston power link injection pump oil regulation rack.

The four generators are model 358.90 manufacturer 18 D1 company, salient pole, 14 pole = synchronous generator, bar pressure, Tunliu 435.5 power factor 0, frequency 50 apparent capacity 27,350 slaves. The rotor is flat, the diameter is large, the pole diameter is 2970, 1 The moment of inertia is large, the function of the absorption unit, the shaft length 90 excitation system constitutes the synchronous generator stator phase voltage single-phase excitation change single-phase full control bridge AC exciter stator excitation winding AC exciter rotor armature winding 3 phase, 83 out Zhang Xiaoyue, male, born in 1959, senior engineer. Production Technology Department, 5300 Rotary pole full bridge synchronous generator rotor main excitation winding.

The input voltage regulator is an integrated circuit plug-in standard printed circuit unit device.

2 The main monitoring device hardware is located in the monitoring computer of the main control room. Cabinets and consoles. A monitor computer 19 color display, 1 record computer, 4 sets of units, 0 and 1 sets of public, 1 per unit, 0 hardware configuration. Basic unit. Main board 68001 block; One foot 8485232 communication board; 8-channel analog input board. , 2,16 blocks; 16-channel mixed input board 1 block; 24 channels of digital input 24, 0, 2 blocks; 24 ports 逍 Ning output 240, 2 blocks = expansion unit contains 24 channels of digital input and output each 8 blocks.

Public unit, 0 hardware configuration. The basic unit 6800 board 1 ± owes; 24 passes the digital output 24, 0, 2 blocks; 8 channels of analog input boards 0, 2, recognizes 7 blocks; 24 channels of digital inputs 240, 3 blocks. The expansion unit contains 9 digital inputs and 7 digital outputs are 24 channels. , System configuration standard control structure.

The main electronic high-power diesel generator monitoring system in the side cabinet beside the unit is the electronic over-speed protection device, 5. Each set of 1; the microcomputer digital patrol instrument has a total of 2 sets and 1 serial communication; Generator stator and unit bearing temperature detection; 032 diesel exhaust temperature detection; Electronics! Auxiliary device, 1 system.

3 monitoring device software functions 3.0 software features diesel engine and auxiliary engine parameters temperature and pressure level and electrical parameters power voltage and current power factor and other analog test detection and protection.

The diesel engine is automatically started and added to the grid and synchronized with an independent synchronous comparator. The automatic deactivation of the light diesel diesel heavy diesel automatic logic conversion auxiliary motor automatically starts.

Take diesel engine startup as an example to introduce its working process.

The firewood machine starts the air-starting process. Medium Flow Thought 31 Compress 9 Bottles 4 Filters Main Motorized Start Air Valves 9 Position Sensors with Positive Air, Determined to Apparent and Pass, 1 System Energized 8 Rows Start Into Solenoid Valves Push 3 Rows of 9 Piston Rod Sets In Order Movement in the cylinder When the unit start command is issued, the electric disc brake mechanism has been disengaged from the crankshaft, the solenoid and slow disk solenoid valves are opened, and a small amount of 3 gas timings enter the 8 cylinders. After 3 revolutions, the normal car solenoid valve was opened, and a large number of 3 Na entered the 8 cylinders at the same time.

The hole is sent to the booster to push the fuel lever to push the rack of the high pressure oil pump, so that the throttle opens, so that the engine is easy to return. The other way 33 air leads to the hydraulic governor, so that the governor is filled with pressure oil to establish the hydraulic pressure. Can immediately play a role, pull the throttle control mechanism, control the amount of oil. In order to limit the acceleration of the piston, a pneumatic dial plate method of a slow-mode slow disk counting sensor is used. Turning to this, the minimum speed at which the three speeds increase to 90 is 40, and the 90 cylinders have been injected with fuel and the air pressure has been exceeded. Compression fuel combustion work, continue to make the diesel engine speed il90rmm, program acceleration lj2mm after the acceleration to 4081, such as, together excitation; to 428, while the same period. Since there is only a digital output module, considering the speed setting motor time constant, to set the motor's analog signal ± 24 to give the speed of the action cycle is greater than its time constant, the on/off state of the output must be extended to maintain the 1 unit's fuel speed to 19, 712 continents, can use the software to delay several seconds to open the acceleration window of the automatic acceleration manual acceleration method.

3.2 Monitor computer software function data goals. The system is essentially a real-time multi-task target system monitoring data recording and diagnosis unit network. These units provide excellent task and recording functions. The system simultaneously monitors 4 firewood units and loses the bankruptcy rate to 4 by means of a window. The system provides a user interface that is understood and used by the user. With the mouse button, the user can get a direct picture of the crew information. Such as the comprehensive picture of the oil system, or the time base trend of the cylinder exhaust gas temperature.

data record. The system recording unit receives and displays all the events that occurred in all units. The scan time is only 10 and all events are stored on the hard disk. This allows the user to carefully analyze these events afterwards.

Unit diagnosis. For unit condition judgment faults, life limit and optimization of operation and maintenance methods, the system integrates a unit diagnosis unit, Baogu expert system and a trend analysis system.

The expert system uses a smart technology hub network to analyze the unit status to obtain data from the online data target unit and the off-line cylinder pressure measurement system. The long-delay trend analysis system is used as a supplement to the expert system to estimate the rate of development and the time left before the failure will occur. The system also provides remote monitoring capabilities to capture and analyze remote women.

Editor Yang Jushang took over to page 2 to take a coal-fired 35-bed circulating fluidized bed boiler with a calorific value of 7650 in a coal-fired integrated thermal power plant in Zhejiang Province as an example. The limestone furnace desulfurization is used, and 1 stone coal consumption is 103,560,000. In 1 year, a total of 85,000 ash ash slags will be used as cement admixture, and 607,000 cements will require 540,000 cement clinker and 607,000 cements will be produced. Clinker 52.8 Knife 1. This clinker saves a total of 24,000 and the total emissions of the mountain to reduce the emission of 6.09317 he 13, of which, as, 1 Visually explain the fluidized-bed furnace in the profits, 0 emissions reduction In the following sense, the boilers with a steam production rate of 1 were compared, and the gas volume was approximately 14 0003. Also, in the flue gas, 2 is approximately, then the annual flue gas volume was 8.4,107 ft, of which 9.2410 were based on the above According to the calculation, it is known that only the ash from a 35-bed fluidized-bed boiler from Taiwan is used as a cement admixture, and the amount of 002 that can be reduced annually due to the reduction of clinker calcination is equivalent to the standard coal phase saved by the Taiwan-based boiler in 2002. The amount of coal that was used in the station boiler. China's energy consumption is dominated by coal. The amount of ash produced annually is as much as 150 million yuan, and the utilization rate is still less than 50, which puts great pressure on the environment. In China, more than 1,000 fluidized bed boilers have been put into operation before, and the slag quantity is also very large. If all the ash produced by it is used as a cement admixture, it will not only eliminate the ash from the environment, but also reduce the cement clinker. As a result of the reduction in production, the amount of 2 emissions will have a bearing on the protection of the environment and alleviating the greenhouse effect.

4 Concluding remarks In the industrial sector, emissions have to pay for the environmental impact caused by the fire today, should be taken from various sources, measures to reduce their emissions.

The use of ash from a fluidized-bed boiler as a cement admixture material not only reduces the pressure on the environment in the electric power industry, but also reduces the amount of emissions in the cement production. Therefore, it is of great significance for reducing environmental pollution, and it is to reduce emissions by 0.3. The effective way of warming the earth's climate is worth promoting.

Zhang Yufu translated. Concerned about solving the problem of cement kiln discharge, 2. Foreign environmental protection of China Building Materials Science Research Institute of Cement Research Institute. Coal gangue cement and building materials products. China Construction Industry Press, 1982.

Kang Qifu, Shi Zhenglun. A new type of high-efficiency and low-pollution comprehensive utilization device containing vanadium stone coal is used. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, 1993,143

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