Home carpets should be how to clean up

Home carpet cleaning is a must. It is the most critical task of maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning every day, after a year of using home carpets, it is necessary to have a thorough and thorough cleaning. The floor will be rejuvenated and the room will be healthier and healthier. To keep home carpets fresh, it is best to regularly use a vacuum cleaner to do a comprehensive and detailed clean-up of home carpets. Usually after one year of use in home carpets, a thorough and thorough cleaning is required. If it is a high quality home carpet, it can be sent to a professional home carpet cleaning company for cleaning.
Second, local cleaning: When the household carpet stained with liquid, it is necessary to quickly use a towel or Paper towel to clean the surface of the stain, and then wet the surface with warm water, and then repeatedly with a towel to dry the water until no stain. If you run into stubborn stains, add a softener in warm water so that the stained surface can be soaked in water for 5–15 minutes and rinsed repeatedly with water.
Third, dry naturally: General imitation silk home carpet or small-size home carpet, can be directly into the home washing machine washing machine. When cleaning wool home carpets, care should also be taken not to rub the back of the home carpet. In order to avoid wrinkles after the household carpet is dried, the cleaned home carpet can be simply hung and dried.
Fourth, brush combing: In order to make the home carpet can also restore the original beautiful face after cleaning, you need to dry the home carpet to 78%, use the brush to imitate the home Textile fiber carpet in the same direction, and comb combing Neatly home carpet ear.
About the method of cleaning the home carpet, we will first introduce it here. Our factory sells all kinds of high-quality home carpets all year round. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

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