How do we prevent a 20-second open lock technology thief?

Ordinary level locks, in general, the anti-theft coefficient is too low, for some "technical" thieves only about 20 seconds to open. In this way, our family is equivalent to no defensive thief. As the saying goes: the door is better than the lock, the lock is not as good as the core! To deal with such technical theft, experts say that “defense” is the key, and it is especially important to replace the lock core with higher safety factor in time.

To this end, the E-class locks have brought a safety guarantee to the public friends - "E-class" home multi-protection lock core, the market price of 1088 yuan, this event only needs 498 yuan. Authentic guarantee, reliable quality of lock cylinder, perfect after-sales service, fast call hotline 028-96111 reservation.

Why is the anti-theft lock stolen?

Last week, Ms. Wang, who lives in Shuangliu County, was at work and suddenly received a call from her mother: “I just didn’t know who I was when I entered the house.” It turned out that the mother went out to buy food and just walked out for five or six minutes and found that she had forgotten her wallet. Going home, I went to the door of my house and found that the door was open. There was still a person sitting on the sofa. The mother asked who it was. How did it come in? The man walked out and said that he was coming in from the main entrance, looking for a person, maybe Going wrong, then leaving. Ms. Wang’s mother was more and more afraid of it. She always felt that something was wrong, so she immediately called Ms. Wang.

Ms. Wang rushed home and found that the drawers in the bedroom and the drawers at the bottom of the bed had traces of being turned over. There were indications that the thieves had been patronized. Fortunately, nothing was lost. The mother also said with certainty that the door was definitely When I locked it, I went out. It took a few minutes to get back and forth, and the family entered.

do you know? According to the survey, the lock cores commonly used by residents are basically Class B locks, and many old communities still use Class A locks. The so-called Class A locks are now called second unlocks, and there are many Class B locks. The lock with the magnetic point and the key slot on the top has now fallen into the scope of the A-class lock, because the unlocking technology is constantly being refurbished, the unlocking time used is also decreasing, and the lock that can be opened in less than 1 minute is Class A lock. The technology turn-on time for Class B locks is only 5 minutes. Most of the people now use these two kinds of locks.

E-class lock: your house's property is safe and good housekeeper

It is understood that if the residents use the A and B locks, and no one is at home, it is very easy to steal. If it is a C-class or E-class lock, it is very difficult to be stolen, because these two types of locks have a long opening time, especially the E-class locks, which are anti-twist, anti-mite, and dynamic, which may easily attract the attention of neighbors or property management personnel. Say, and technology alone can't open.

The inside of the lock cylinder of the E-class lock adopts the technology-leading 360-degree idling double-sided large-side column 24 blade locking structure, and the Mercedes-Benz car key technology. The unique anti-breaking fork of the lock cylinder gives you a stronger and safer anti-theft performance. Moreover, both ends of the lock cylinder adopt a 360-degree idling double-sided large-side column 24 blade locking structure to eliminate all technical violence unlocking tools, so that the thief can turn away. In addition, the lock core is made of copper and the surface drawing process gives you the experience and safety of never rusting.

Expert advice: change the lock, once in place

"The unlocking technology is changing with each passing day. There is no lock that can be absolutely safe, but the lock with the strongest anti-theft can always be compared." A master of the lock industry in Chenghua District, who has been engaged in the lock industry for more than 10 years, said that when they replaced the lock cylinder for the residents, many The occupants were determined to replace the lock cylinder after being locked into the house by the thief. There are very few people who know the level and structure of the lock. At present, at least 70% of the door locks in many communities in Chengdu are still low-level locks. These locks are unlocked by technology and can be opened in minutes. On the market today, the "E-class" lock cylinder has a high level of safety. This kind of idling lock is difficult to open with various technical tools.

In order to meet the needs of more citizens, Huaxi E-commerce has launched a large-scale lock-locking activity. There were no middlemen in the event, which kept profits to a minimum. Not only bring benefits to the public but also ensure that the products are genuine, the quality of the lock core is reliable, and the after-sales service is perfect. The “E-class” home multi-lock lock core will be used for your ticket.

Is your home lock really safe?

Teach you how to identify the A, B, and E levels of the lock

[Class A lock] Standard: The anti-technical opening time is within 1 minute, and the mutual opening rate is extremely high. Such as ordinary cross lock, one-word lock, Kabbah lock. The internal structure of the A-class lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the change of the marble, and the marble groove is small and shallow.

[Class B lock] Standard: The technical opening time is 5 minutes. There is a special technology to prevent the foil from being embedded. The difficulty factor of opening is slightly higher than that of the A level. The B-class lock key is a flat-panel key with a double-row bullet slot. The difference with the A-class lock is that there is a row of curved irregular lines on the key surface. The lock core is mainly divided into three types, the computer double-row lock core, the double-row crescent lock core, and the double-sided blade lock core.

[E-class lock] Standard: technical unlocking can not be opened, anti-tin paper, anti-collision key, anti-universal key, 360 degree idle blade side column lock core and blade side column lock core, any key can be inserted, but can not A hard impact is turned on. According to industry insiders, its anti-theft performance will not be cracked within five years.


1. For the general public who have replaced the E lock cylinder, leave a key in a safe place to prevent the key from being lost. This lock cannot be opened even if the company is unlocked.

2. The safety performance of the E-class lock cylinder is high. The key of each lock cylinder is made by a special process. This key cannot be copied temporarily in the general lock shop. Please keep it in a safe place to prevent unnecessary trouble after losing.


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