How to clean the hood to clean the small coup

The advent of range hoods solved the fumes of our kitchens. However, after a period of use of the range hood, oil cups, strainers, and panels have been stained with a thick layer of oil, which is generally difficult to clean with water and detergent. How to clean the range hoods? The following Xiao Bian brings you several types of hood cleaning tips. Basically, you don't need to purchase extra cleaning agents to easily solve the fumes.

First, how to clean the range hood - pressure cooker steam cleaning method

1, cleaning the required raw materials: pressure cooker, water

2. Method: Firstly, add cold water to boil in the autoclave. When there is continuous discharge of steam, remove the pressure limiting valve of the autoclave, and then open the cooker hood to discharge the pressure cooker out of the steam water column to the range hood. Rotate the blades. As the high-heat steam steam constantly rushes into the blades and other parts, the oil waste water will flow into the waste oil cup until no oil is in the waste oil cup, which proves that the range hood has been cleaned.

Second, how to clean the range hood - soapy water smear cleaning method

1, the necessary raw materials for cleaning: soap, water

2. Method: Soak the soap bar into a powdered state, add a little water to make a paste, and then smear the surface of the impeller and other devices before the hood is used. When the hood is used for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned. Remove the impeller and other devices, wipe with a rag, oil can be easily removed.

Third, how to clean the range hood - detergent + vinegar soak cleaning method

1, cleaning the required raw materials: detergent, vinegar, warm water

2. Prepare a pot of warm water, then add 3 to 5 drops of dishwashing liquid and 50 ml of vinegar, and mix well. Remove the impeller of a range hood that has been used for a period of time and soak it in the mixture. After soaking for about 10 to 20 minutes, remove it and clean it with a clean rag. The hood and other components of the range hood are also This solution can be used for cleaning. The mixed liquid cleaning range hood does not only have no damage to the human skin, but also does not corrode the device, and the cleaned surface of the range hood will still maintain the original luster.

Fourth , how to clean the hood - gauze

If the above three types of range hood cleaning methods, you still find it more difficult to clean up, you can also buy a slightly thicker gauze, and then use a magnet to fix the gauze in the exhaust hood of the range hood. This is mainly because the waste oil has been filtered by the gauze before entering the exhaust fan. Once the hood is used for a period of time, the gauze can be removed and cleaned.

Article Summary: After reading the above, how to clean the range hood ? Everyone is clear? Regular cleaning hood is very necessary, because excessive accumulation of fumes will affect the health of the family, but also the growth of bacteria, but also affect the fumes The life of the machine, so we still have to be a little harder. And see the clean hood, when cooking will feel great.

Range Hood Range Hood How to Clean Range Hood

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