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How to dispose of coolant and oil into the water

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Problems such as coolant and oil influx are common in the operation; the repairman often encounters a situation in which the smoothing oil level of the initiator is lowered; sometimes the situation of smooth oil level rises is encountered. When the smooth oil level changes Time; learn to analyze whether this change is normal.
If the liquid level rises, the smooth oil level of the initiator rises; then it is necessary to carefully investigate the condition of the smooth oil; after all, it is the substance that is mixed with the smooth oil. The common cause of the smooth oil level rise is; smooth Water or fuel is mixed in the oil.
(1) The starter is rich in water in the smooth oil. If the starter is smooth, the oil is rich in water; the smooth oil level will rise. Although the machine is in normal operation, the smooth oil will be rich in a small amount. Water; however, if there is a lot of water in the smooth oil; then the water is undoubtedly from the initiator cooling system. Some components of the initiator are damaged; the initiator coolant will enter the smooth system; Smooth oil found in the coolant.
1 How to conclude that the smooth oil is rich in water. Just investigate the appearance of the smooth oil; it can be easily judged whether the smooth oil can be rich in water. When the smooth oil without water is poured, it will show translucent oily bright color; The water-rich smooth oil will be opaque brown; when the machine is in operation for a period of time; the smooth oil will appear milky white; accompanied by foam.
2 Water and smooth oil mixed damage. According to the rules; the water content in the smooth oil should be below 0.03%; when the water content exceeds 0.1%; the additives in the smooth oil (antioxidants, detergent dispersants, etc.) It will fail; thus speeding up the oxidation of the smooth oil. Under the high temperature inside the initiator; the smooth oil and the coolant react chemically; the smooth oil is emulsified into an emulsion; this greatly reduces the smoothing effect. When the smooth oil is oxidized The generated organic acid reacts with the water; it also produces inorganic acids. These acidic substances will corrode the parts of the initiator. When the smooth oil is rich in more water, it will cause the smooth oil to change prematurely and the parts will rust. Heavy will constitute a serious mechanical event such as the starter holding the tile or pulling the cylinder. If the smooth oil enters the coolant, it will form a viscous mixture on the inner wall of the radiator and the initiator cooling channel; it will seriously affect the initiator. Heat dissipation; causing the initiator temperature to be too high.
3 The reason why water is rich in smooth oil. The primary source of moisture in smooth oil:
First, the water vapor in the exhaust gas from the incineration is agglomerated. When the machine is started, the exhaust gas in the incineration chamber will break into the crankcase; if the crankcase ventilation equipment is not working properly, the water vapor entering the crankcase from the incineration chamber cannot be timely. Discharge; when the temperature is lowered; the water vapor and the parts touch and condense into water; the inflow crankcase mixes with the smooth oil to become a milky liquid.
Second, some components in the conventional cooling system of the initiator are damaged; for example, the water channel on the cylinder block or the cylinder head has blisters, pores or cracks; the cylinder sealing water apron equipment is not suitable.
The third is about the initiator with a smooth oil cooler; the unique need to see if the smooth oil cooler can be damaged. 4. The initiator cylinder is damaged.
Regarding the initiator with a smooth oil cooler; the cooling of the smooth oil is completed by the heat exchange method. The smooth oil moves outside the copper tube of the smooth oil cooler; the coolant moves in the copper tube. If it is smooth oil The copper tube inside the cooler presents a crack; then the coolant can completely enter the smooth oil during the circulation; it causes the smooth oil to emulsifie.
The cylinder head pad has an initiator smooth oil passage and a cooling water passage; therefore, the cylinder gasket not only functions to seal the cylinder pressure; but also ensures the smooth oil and the coolant circulating in different systems. If the cylinder gasket breaks or ages; The smooth oil passage and the cooling water channel of the initiator can communicate with each other; it will constitute water in the smooth oil.
Generally speaking; when the cold car is just starting; the smooth oil pressure is higher than the cooling system pressure; the smooth oil leaks to the cooling system. After the hot car; under the idle condition or after the flameout; the cooling system pressure is higher than the smooth system pressure; The liquid leaks into the smooth system.
(2) Initiating machine is rich in fuel in smooth oil, and the fuel is mixed into the smooth oil. It is a common problem. When the fuel supply system is not working properly or the fuel atomization is not good; fuel or a lot of excessive fuel mixture It enters the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall; these fuels dilute the smooth oil and raise the liquid level; this condition is most common on carburetor-type engines.
Others; some equipment on the initiator chooses a forced smooth oil pump or oil pump to leak oil; it will also make the initiator smooth oil diluted by fuel. This problem is more common on diesel engines.
So how do you tell if the initiator's smooth oil is rich in fuel? First, it can be judged by smell; smooth oil mixed with fuel will have a remarkable fuel smell. It can also take a small amount of smooth oil from the oil pan; drop it on a piece of white paper; see if the oil will quickly enter white Paper; if entering agile, it proves that the smooth oil contains fuel; because the fuel penetration is greater than the smooth oil.
Smooth oil level reduces the situation that the smoothing oil level of the initiator is reduced. The primary reason is 2; that is, the smooth oil enters the incineration chamber to burn or the loss due to leakage.
(1) The normal cost is in the normal operation of the initiator; the smooth oil will also have a certain cost; the normal cost is due to the movement between the piston and the cylinder wall, there is a gap; no matter the gap is large. Rank è ¡ è ¡ å­€ å­€ é’Š é’Š ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡• ç¡•
When the machine is in operation, a part of the combustible mixture and exhaust gas in the incineration chamber will enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder; these gases will accelerate the deformation of the smooth oil. The gas entering the crankcase will make the crankcase The internal temperature and pressure rise; the oil oozes from the oil seal, etc. and due to the reciprocating motion of the piston; the gas pressure in the crankcase changes periodically; affecting the normal operation of the initiator. In order to prevent the appearance of these conditions; Both have crankcase ventilation; crankcase ventilation equipment will introduce fresh air into the crankcase; and the gas that is thrown into the crankcase will be introduced into the intake manifold of the initiator; there will be some initiator smooth oil accompanying these gases into the initiator. The incineration room burned out.
(2) Unusual expenses The abnormal cost is usually caused by the fault of the initiator itself. For example, the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall is too large; the smooth oil passes through the gap and enters the incineration chamber to burn; then the exhaust pipe can be Significantly, there is a blue smoke appearance, the oil sump and the oil seal are not tightly sealed; the smooth oil is leaked, the machine is overheated; many smooth oils are heated to become steam; the crankcase ventilation pipe enters the intake port together with the mixed gas. It is burnt, the crankcase ventilation check valve is stuck; a lot of smooth oil is put into the incineration room to burn. Of course; if some residual smooth oil is used, it will show smooth oil consumption too fast; due to the poor smooth oil stability; When the machine is started, it will quickly divide and cost.
The unique attention in this demand is; about the initiator equipped with turbocharger; there is a slick oil that can be caused by the turbocharger's attack, and many of them enter the incineration chamber to burn. If it is found that the starter is smooth, the oil is expensive; The emission is blue; however, the starting cylinder pressure is normal; the starting machine power is not significantly reduced; then it should be checked whether the turbocharger can burn smooth oil. The turbocharger is connected to the exhaust manifold; the operating temperature is very high Therefore, the turbocharger's axle bearing is smooth with the smoothing oil selected by the initiator; usually the smooth oil pipe is introduced from the starting oil sump to the turbocharger. When the smooth oil seal of the turbocharger fails due to high temperature; smooth The oil will enter the incineration chamber through the engine intake manifold. The repairer can check whether there are many oil traces in the intercooler and the intake manifold to determine whether the turbocharger can burn the oil.

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