If there is a "lock", dial 961111

China's lock joint guarantee service platform - "China Lock and Warranty" has now opened Liaoning Province unified special service number 961111. The province's emergency unlocking, lock lock repair key, copy door card, car card, with car keys, battery replacement and other "lock" things, you can call the province's unified special service number 961111, call the nearest public security record professional lock The doorman service.

According to Qu Lianzhong, general manager of Shenyang Shoujia Lock Industry Co., Ltd. and secretary general of Shenyang Locksmiths Association, Zhongsuolianbao is jointly established by professional locksmiths all over the country. It is the only “China” prefix national professional lock in the industry. Joint safeguard service platform.

The platform launched an old lock with a base price upgrade security lock activity. By dialing the province's unified special service number 961111, the reader can replace the old lock cylinder with the technology seconds open into the C-class anti-theft lock core tested by the Ministry of Public Security (the technology starts to take more than 270 minutes). . The photo will be clearly photographed and forwarded to the WeChat circle of friends. The 961111 customer service staff will also be able to enjoy the 50 yuan discount, and the 330 yuan C-class anti-theft lock core will be installed at home. Change to a more convenient and safe fingerprint smart lock can enjoy group purchase discount activities, (5 groups) the original price of 2580 yuan fingerprint lock, group purchase only 1680 yuan. Forward the circle of friends to display, free of fingerprint lock installation fee (200 yuan).

Editor in charge: Zhao Hongli

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