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Long candles is a flower exotic flowering plants, potted planting now generally used to adorn the home environment, how about farming methods dragon candles, the dragon candles picture. Xiaobian to take everyone to understand:

The basic information of Dragon Tomb:

Dragon spit pearl is also called pearl grass grass, pearl Baolian, stinky peony vine, diffusa, unicorn spit beads, etc., native to tropical West Africa, cultivation history in China is not long, flower-shaped strange, flowering lush, mainly used in greenhouses Cultivation and viewing can be done with flower stand, but also for potted plants, sill windows and small summer courtyards. The whole plant can be used as medicine. Summer seems to be the world of white flowers, and the unsophisticated dragon spit beads are one of them. As the dragon flower of the southern country, the dragon's beaded flower is a scalloped dragonfly that resembles a milky-white “carambola” and spits out five blushing flowers between its cracks. The ground is covered with leaves, and in the summer it is tenaciously resistant to the intense heat, and the red beads of the fire of life are thrown up one by one. In general, due to the restriction of pruning, the pot grows very short. In fact, it uses a semi-rantanous vine, branches can be more than ten feet, for parks or tourist bases made of flower baskets, arches, pavilions and a variety of patterns and other shapes, for visitors to add Yaxing.

Dragon Turtle Culture Method:

1. Soil: Dragon Turtle Potted soil is fertile, loose, and well-drained sandy loam. For potted plants, mixed soil of cultivated soil or peat soil and coarse sand is used.

2, watering: potted dragon spit beads need to master the watering and pruning two main links. The dragon spit beads are hi moist and require sufficient moisture during growth and development. However, watering too much, basin soil is too moist, it can easily cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. During the growing season, watering should be done evenly and the basin soil should always be kept moist. It should not be too wet or too dry, nor should it be wet and dry.

3. Sunshine: After warm weather in spring, it is placed in the yard or on the south balcony, giving full illumination in spring and autumn. Summer heat is hot and it should be placed under shade or shaded areas.

4. Temperature: The optimum temperature for the growth of long-toed bead is 18-24°C, 18-30°C for 2-10 months, and 13-16°C for October-February. The temperature in winter is not lower than 8°C, and stems and leaves above 5°C are vulnerable to freezing injury. Light leaves cause fallen leaves, while heavy leaves are shriveled. The temperature during the vegetative growth period can be relatively high, and the temperature above 30°C can be maintained with normal water supply. The reproductive growth, the flowering temperature should be lower, about 17 °C.

5, fertilization: Fertilization should not be excessive, flowering season every 7-10 days 1 cooked thin pancake fertilizer water, continuous application of 3-4 times. If a yellow beetle is found in the process of cultivation, then the top bead can be combined with top dressing and 0.2% ferrous sulfate water can be used to make the leaves turn from yellow to green.

6. Insect pests: The main insect pests are scale insects and whitefly, which can be sprayed with 40% omethoate 1000-1500 times. The leaves caused by partial alkali in the soil cannot stretch normally, and the leaves lose green and yellow, and can be watered with 0.2% ferrous sulfate solution. For mosaic disease and fungal disease, we must promptly remove the diseased leaves, strengthen ventilation, keep the leaves dry, and control the disease.

7, pruning: During growth and development should pay attention to picking, control the height of branches, and make branches neat. Every time you give thanks, you must remove the stems in time to make the plant low and full. Adopting such a heavy cutting method can not only promote the prosperous year, but also avoid the trouble of setting up a stand.

The relevant information about the Long Tuzhu picture was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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