Maintenance of steel bar bending machine and how to store it

If the steel bar bending machine is not suitable, how should we place it? What should I pay attention to? 1. First, it should be placed in a dry room, avoiding it in a humid environment to avoid the impact of the wire bending machine. If it has to be placed outdoors, we need to place it on a flat surface and cover it with a cloth to prevent the steel band bending machine from getting wet. 2. The mechanical fuel control lever should be placed in the idle position. If it is not adjusted to the idle position, it will cause unnecessary damage to the engine. Each joystick is placed in the neutral position. 3. If long-term storage is required, it must be repaired before use. If there is damage to its parts, it needs to be replaced, which will increase the life of the machine. How to carry out the maintenance of the machine when mentioned above, if the machine is maintained on time, then this will prolong the life of the machine, if not according to the actual operation, the life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. Maintenance and Maintenance: Before starting the machine, first check whether the various parts of the equipment are in good condition and see if the air pipe is leaking. If the leak is replaced in time. Important parts should be regularly filled with lubricating oil in time, check whether the bolts are loose, replace the cutting knife in time, clean the garbage on the machine and around in time, keep it clean, and cut off the power in time when not in use. The steel bar bending machine should be in time to maintain the machine so that it can prolong its life. If there is a problem, it should be repaired immediately to prevent major problems, so it will not be worth the loss. Reprinted: http://://

Prefab House is made of light Steel Structure and sandwich panel for the walls and roof. The structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets.

The wall/roof panel can be insulated by polystyrene(EPS), polyurethane(PU), rock wool and fiber glass.

The house is widely used as temporary office, temporary hospital, family house, dormitory, canteen and so on.

Prefab House

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