Market calls push smart locks to replace traditional mechanical locks

HC Security Network news is now already successful people do not need to pursue the so-called Qianhuhouyong style, they prefer are those hidden in the details of your low-key and hidden, such as smart locks streamlined appearance by the designer penned the drilling drawn The four colors are exquisite, the chic design of the push-pull unlocking is different from the other, and its special sensor can automatically activate the door lock when someone visits, and can automatically open the door without the owner going out. The key is automatically locked, and it can be counted as if you are not leaving the house and you are in control.

After thousands of years of development, the locks have changed in any way, and the mission that people have given it has never changed. That is, as a lock, you should look at your home and protect your hospital.


However, with the development of smart homes, as an important part of the home, the locks also bid farewell to the original "Iron General" image, and began to develop in the direction of information and intelligence, so smart locks came into being. So in the context of intelligence, it is only a matter of time before smart locks replace mechanical locks.

There may be many mechanical lock companies that may question: mechanical locks have experienced thousands of developments, and they have fully satisfied people's daily lives in terms of quality and stability. Smart locks have experienced less than 50 years of development, and they have completely replaced machinery. Fashion is early.

But what the door locker wants to say is: Under the wheel of history, whoever goes against the trend will be crushed to death by the wheel of history. Therefore, mechanical locks are not convinced, smart locks replace you just a matter of time.

Smart locks have unparalleled convenience with mechanical locks

In fact, no matter which industry, the emergence of intelligence is to solve all kinds of inconvenient, inconvenient and cumbersome experience. We all know that no one can do without the key in the era of mechanical locks. Perhaps many people are still vivid about the experience of hanging a key in the neck when they were young. Once they are lost or forget to bring the key, they can only go outside the door and wait for their parents to go home to open the door.

Perhaps many people still have the experience that the mechanical lock has been used for a long time or has not been rusted for a long time. The key is easy to break in the keyhole, and in this case, in addition to finding the locksmith master to repair or change the lock. There are no other shortcuts.

Although there is not much money for locks and locks, it is a waste of precious time and energy. For busy modern people, wasting time is the biggest loss in life.

At present, most mechanical locks do not have an automatic locking function, which means that the door must be locked from the door with the key. If you don't lock it, it will bring illegal opportunities to the lawless elements and bring huge security risks to your property.

The purpose of the smart lock is to solve the inconvenience and trouble caused by the mechanical lock because of forgetting or losing the key. The smart lock can be opened not only by fingerprint, iris, face, mobile phone, remote control, etc. It is more convenient to use than mechanical lock, and most of the smart locks are related to the automatic locking of the door or the anti-locking function of the handle, eliminating the mechanical lock. Turn off the trouble of locking the key with a key.

Therefore, the mechanical lock is not convinced, you have lost to the smart lock from the convenience of use.

Smart locks have unmatched safety with mechanical locks

The essence of the lock is the home care home, so no matter which era of lock manufacturers, they are working tirelessly for the safety of the lock. From the knot rope to the stone block, from the later bone bolts, wooden door bolts, wooden pin bolts, mud copy to all kinds of locks made of copper, and now A/B/C locks, Playing with the thief constantly.

However, with the development of technology and the prevalence of various unlocking tools, the safe mechanical lock in the eyes of the thief is nothing but a scrap iron. For them, the lock that the world does not open can only be opened for a long time. Luo Yongzheng, once the "thief king", once said that thousands of locks on the market are vulnerable. Huang Yongqiang, the Beijing lock king, also said that he can open more than 3,000 locks around the world.

Therefore, the mechanical lock can only prevent the gentleman from being a villain. In terms of resisting the opening of violence, no matter what locks are equally vulnerable, it is just too risky and there are not many lawless elements willing to use them.

However, smart locks have absolute advantages in terms of anti-technology opening and anti-violence opening. When the smart lock encounters the unlocking tool or the opposite sex key, it can automatically warn the thief and send an alarm message to the owner's mobile phone. Even if the criminals want to open through violence, the smart lock can be used to photograph and record the thief in real time by matching the monitoring equipment such as the camera, and retain the evidence.

Therefore, smart locks are superior to mechanical locks in terms of whether anti-technology is turned on or anti-violence is turned on. Therefore, the mechanical lock was lost again in terms of safety.

Smart locks have an unparalleled fashion for mechanical locks

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for original products, in addition to meeting basic functional needs, have new requirements for their humanization, personalization and fashion. Especially in the context of the consumer body that gradually became the market after 80 and 90, such a trend has intensified.

Mechanical locks have always given people the feeling of being cold and unselfish. So the user only regards it as a necessity for life, and there is no other interaction besides opening and closing the door. But the most striking feature of the intelligent era is the realization of human-computer interaction.

At this point, it can be said that the smart lock completely overcomes the mechanical lock. As a product of intelligence, smart locks have many humanized and interactive features. For example, children, old people go out, go home, their mobile phones can receive "children have gone out", "children have safely returned home", "dad has gone out", "mother has safely returned home" and other warm tips, emotionally The distance between the user and the lock is near.

In terms of design, compared with the mechanical lock style, it is somewhat old-fashioned, and the appearance is somewhat incompatible with the door. Compared with the design, the smart lock is more fashionable and individual in appearance, not only can meet the different decoration needs, but also become the finishing touch of the home decoration, let the home decoration More fashionable and individual, and more popular with young consumers.

Therefore, in the fashion, this is not only from the perspective of humanization, personalization, or appearance design, mechanical locks have lagged far behind smart locks. Therefore, in the fashion, this smart lock once again wins the mechanical lock.

Conclusion: In terms of convenience, security and fashion, the mechanical locks lost three battles. Therefore, the history of mechanical locks is an inevitable trend, and the replacement of mechanical locks by smart locks has become the protagonist of the lock industry. It is not only the historical development trend, but also the voice of the market and users. Therefore, replacing the mechanical lock with a smart lock is only a matter of time.

Editor in charge: Zhong Juanjuan

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