Qinhuangdao Intelligent Equipment Research Institute super capacitor widely used

Recently, the production capacity of supercapacitors developed by Qinhuangdao Intelligent Equipment Research Institute in Luoyang and Beijing is in good condition and will be widely used in electric vehicles, wind power and other fields.

The capacity of the super capacitor is more than 1000 times that of an ordinary electrolytic capacitor. It has the characteristics of high power and long life. The charging time is only about 1 minute, and it can continue to work even when the outdoor temperature is minus 40 degrees Celsius. According to Fu Zhibin, deputy dean of the Institute of Intelligent Equipment of Qinhuangdao, the super capacitor is a key project of the National Institute of Precision Instrumentation Fellowship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Department of Precision Instruments of Tsinghua University. This technology is used in the transportation, new energy and military industries. Wide application space. (Mencius Zheng)

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