Self-priming pump types and models Daquan

With the development of modern industry, the traditional self-priming pump can no longer meet the needs of the market. The good news is that the self-priming pump, with the help of its own advantages and modern technology, has moved from tradition to the present. Self-priming pumps have formed a series of excellent products that can basically meet the requirements of our market. That this series of excellent self-priming pump type and model what? Types and models of self-priming pumps Daquan 1, Self-priming pumps for household specifications Model Self-priming pumps for domestic use mainly include self-priming pumps for hot and cold water type and self-priming pumps with high head and low flow and high lift. 2, hot and cold water family with self-priming pump Specifications Model This series of hot water self-priming pump to adapt to the transport temperature within 40 degrees of domestic hot water. 3, low-flow high-lift self-priming pump Specifications Model Low-flow high-lift self-priming pump is the use of screw pump principle, so it is higher than the general self-priming pump head are higher to meet the needs of high-lift conditions. 4, industrial self-priming pump Specifications Model Industrial self-priming pump is divided into ZX industrial self-priming pump and ZXL direct-connected self-priming pump two, the difference between the two self-priming pump is ZX belongs to the design structure with a coupling Machine covers an area of ​​slightly longer, ZXL self-priming pump impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft machine covers an area smaller, the two pump performance parameters are consistent so this self-priming pump specifications only need to see the table below to meet the demand, such as To be directly linked only need to add L after ZX can. 5, Sewage self-priming pump Specifications Model is able to transport all kinds of similar with the sewage containing various impurities in the medium self-priming pump will not clog phenomenon, sewage self-priming pump water can be used, sewage self-priming pump is divided into small SFBX Self-priming pump, ZW / ZWL sewage pump, BYXZXW strong flow self-priming pump several products. Through the above analysis and explanation we can understand that a wide range of self-priming pumps, while different types of self-priming pump more models. Different kinds of self-priming pumps are suitable for different occasions and perform different roles. In the same way, they are all members of self-priming pumps, all contributing their own economy to our economy.

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