Simple three sets of three-bedroom decoration model worthy of reference

Three-bedroom is the most common room type in the current decoration, so you want to appreciate and learn from the many owners of the three-bedroom decoration model. Which three-bedroom style should be used? What kind of design is suitable? Today, we have brought you five modern and minimalist style three-bedroom decoration model rooms for everyone to see the effect of simple style in the three-bedroom decoration!

This three-bedroom decoration model is a three-room, two-room 140-flat room type, using modern minimalist style, more elegant living room design, so here is also more elegant and noble. The use of stone makes the room full of high-grade texture.

The style of the three-bedroom decoration model is a modern minimalist style decoration, with light brown and dim colors matching each other, and the simple and stylish feeling is ready to appear. The open guest restaurant makes the three bedrooms and two living rooms look transparent.

The living room is decorated in a modern and minimalist style, with a simple design and cut-outs. Wooden flooring adds comfort and texture to the living room. The white base color makes the entire space look a lot bigger.

The three-bedroom decoration model selected is the Nordic minimalist style decoration, the overall effect of the atmosphere is simple and warm and comfortable, guest restaurant shop floor, more natural atmosphere.

This three-bedroom home decoration model has only 105 square meters, but it looks open and bright. The white sandstone bricks on the TV background wall added the romance of Bali to the mix of Zen and Bali's casual style, creating a relaxing and relaxing experience. The stylish chandelier becomes the highlight of the entire living room.

Editor's summary: The simple three-bedroom decoration model room is admired here, we can see that the simple style of the atmosphere and neatness is suitable for the three-bedroom decoration model, hoping to give the owners are to be renovated a reference.

Three bedroom decoration renderings Three bedroom three bedroom design

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