Smart Luftmed Air Purifier is easy to operate and outstanding

"The smart home appliance" is the most fashionable topic nowadays. It seems that nowadays it is listed as a flagship product. It is embarrassing to "see people" without hooking up with smart. From the earliest smart TV, to today's smart air conditioner, smart refrigerator, smart Air purifiers, more and more home appliances are connected to "smart". But have we ever thought that smart home appliances are really smart now?

In fact, I think that the current smart home appliances to the mobile phone remote control are not yet ideal. At present, many home appliances are not equipped with a keyboard (virtual keyboard). When connecting the WIFI of the home router, it is very cumbersome. It is basically impossible to get rid of the manual. Even if the pseudo-brick editors like us are connected to the wireless, it is inevitable to toss for a while. This kind of intelligence is really too smart. It wasn't until I met it that it changed my view of the smart air purifier.

It is a Luftmed air purifier, an air purifier that is simple enough to use. The Luftmed Air Purifier is a German brand and its products are manufactured in China. The Luftmed D600 air purifier that appeared in our horizontal review uses a large number of lines to outline the asymmetric design, and the overall style is very HTC Diamond mobile phone feel.

As we said before, because there is no keyboard and virtual keyboard, the smart purifier will be very troublesome when connecting to WIFI. The most effective way to solve this problem is to increase the touch screen and make the whole air purifier easy to operate. The solution is simple, there are many companies that do smart purifiers, and some even add the Android tablet function to the air purifier. However, Android system is not developed for purifiers after all, which causes the purifier to start up for 1 minute, high standby power consumption and so on. I once laughed, 1 minute of other people's purifiers have almost purified the house, the Android purifier is still waiting for boot.

Luftmed D600 air purifier independently developed an intelligent system. When the machine is turned on, the fan is turned on and running, avoiding the waiting time. After the power on, the touch operation makes the whole “connection” process extremely simple. Continue to scan the QR code to complete the purification. Settings. Intelligence is no longer an addition, but an easy-to-use process.

The Luftmed D600 air purifier is equipped with dust, TVOC, odor, temperature and humidity monitoring sensors. The color air screen can directly display the indoor air quality information more intuitively. For the wind speed setting, you need to press the fan in the middle of the screen to display the wind speed running status through 1-3 values.

Luftmed air purifier is the simplest intelligent air purifier I have ever used. It has the advantages of fast booting speed, low standby power consumption, simple connection operation, clear display interface, etc., which makes this product have absolute advantages in similar purifiers. . Simple, easy-to-use operations are enough to show off in front of your friends.

Of course, as a purifier, performance is the core of the purifier. In the 20 air purifiers we just finished, the Luftmed D600 air purifier ranked second in the total score with its balanced and outstanding performance advantages. Of course, if your indoor area is not large and you want a lower price, then the lower-priced Luftmed D300 air purifier would be a better choice.

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