Suitable for high-end decoration ceiling materials - aluminum manganese magnesium alloy ceiling

The aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy ceiling is a ceiling material that has just joined the ranks of home decoration. The high-quality metal ceiling is simply an upgraded version of the traditional ceiling. The appearance of the ceiling also makes the ceiling more colorful. What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy ceilings? Xiao Bian, after consulting experts, summarized the following points for your reference:

(1) pay attention to the overall mix

Everyone should pay attention to the harmony of their products in the selection of ceilings, such as the top of the bathroom heater or lighting, can not blindly see the like on the scene to buy, to know how to match.

(2) The auxiliary material is very important

This point is easily overlooked by the majority of consumers, but also a more important point is the ceiling of the auxiliary material. Many phenomena are now sold with main materials and auxiliary materials. The quality of auxiliary materials should be noted here. No matter how good the ceiling is, it will not take long for the auxiliary materials to support them. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminds everyone not to accept the material. At that price, be sure to check the quality of the auxiliary material before buying it.

(3) The choice of appearance

There are two ways to deal with the appearance of the ceiling, pearl and matt. Pearlescent reflection is more obvious, matte is relatively soft, this depends on the actual needs of everyone to choose.

Experts advise: If consumers choose a matte ceiling, it should pay attention to the ceiling coating is spray or roller coating, if it is sprayed, then we should pay attention to the thickness of the coating, pay attention to some products with a coating to increase the thickness of the product.

Ceiling ceiling living room bedroom ceiling what material is good aluminum alloy ceiling

1. Technical standard: BS EN 10202, DIN EN 10203, GB/T2520 , JIS G3303
2. Steel type: MR, SPCC
3. Thickness: 0.115 - 0.50 mm
4. Width:  600 - 1050 mm
5. Length: 600-1200mm
Tin Coating: ordinary 2.8 or 2.8g and 5.6g or 5.6g, we can produce according to customer's requests
Excellent barrier property. Double pin hole dectecters during production, can 100% avoid pin hole defects.

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