The choice of solar water heaters requires both internal and external considerations.

In the current life, the popularity of solar water heaters is getting higher and higher, but many residents do not know how to choose when they face a wide variety of water heater products on the market. In fact, when choosing a solar water heater, it is necessary to pay attention to the fine workmanship of its appearance, and must pay attention to the quality of its liner.

Although there are many types of solar energy sold in the market, the current use of residential houses is more common than non-pressure vacuum tube type domestic solar water heaters. When selecting such products, you should first look at the appearance, such as whether the surface of the water tank, bracket, etc. is flat, whether it has strong anti-corrosion effect; whether the bracket is stable and the thickness is reasonable.

Then you need to carefully check the quality of the tank liner and vacuum tube. The inner liner can be seen by taking the silicone ring of the water tank. The good steel liner should be made of high-grade stainless steel, and its thickness should be more than 0.5 mm. Thinner, thinner welds are prone to weld seams and shorten the life of the tank. The vacuum tube is a key component of the domestic solar water heater, and the quality of the vacuum tube directly affects the performance of the entire domestic solar water heater. When purchasing, carefully observe the coating on the glass tube in the vacuum tube. Due to different manufacturing processes, the color of the coating will be different, but it is generally black, dark blue or dark gray, and the coating with good quality is even. There is no scratch on the surface, no peeling or falling off, and there is no stone or nodule on the glass. The support supporting the inner glass tube is placed at the end and is not loose.

In addition, when purchasing a water heater, the number of permanent residents in the home should also be taken into consideration to determine the water capacity of the solar water heaters purchased. Generally, the standard of 40 liters per person is appropriate. Moreover, since the domestic solar water heater is installed outdoors, the vacuum tube is contaminated with dust or impurities after a long period of use, resulting in a decrease in heat absorption efficiency. Therefore, the vacuum tube of the water heater should be cleaned regularly, and it needs to be cleaned up in time after snow. (Wang Wanliang)

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