The style of American decoration is the price of American decoration.

In the aspect of decorating the home. First of all, there are many styles. Nowadays, the more popular decoration styles are mix and match, European style, Chinese style and the recent American fire decoration. The style of American decoration is quite different, a symbol of noble and elegant. It also makes many young people decorate their homes in an American style. Of course, the price is a little more expensive than other decoration styles. That today small'll tell you about the characteristics of American style decoration, American decoration is the price.


First, the style characteristics of American decoration

1. The application of the embossed wire plate with simple lines is an essential element of the American light country style, and is suitable for use on the door, the ceiling, and the frame. The configuration also pays attention to the visual effect of symmetry. However, it is applied to the door piece, and it is recommended to match the round head ceramics and the vintage iron pieces in the handle selection, which can highlight the characteristics of the American light country. A large number of embossed wire panels with simple lines are used on the walls, cabinet doors and ceilings.

2, the American style is more conservative and conservative, oriented by the comfort function, with classical style and modern lines, ergonomics and decorative art furniture style, fully showing the natural and simple characteristics. In the indoor environment, we strive to express leisurely, comfortable, and natural pastoral life, and often use the natural texture of natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials. It is a good idea to set up indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere. It has a bit of randomness in the classical, and it has abandoned too much cumbersomeness and luxury.

3, the American style of color matching should be based on the color of the wood itself, the style pays attention to simplicity and crispness, soft clothing is mainly based on the soft decoration of the national culture, bringing out a nostalgic sense of state. In general, the American style always has a feeling of luxury and romance.


Second, the price of American decoration is how much

1, brush Dulux home Li'an latex paint (including putty accessories) 165m2 * 26 yuan / m2 = 4290 yuan

2, the ground paving (including Qinling cement sand) 60m2 * 41 yuan / m2 = 2460 yuan

3, kitchen and bathroom wall paving (including Qinling cement sand) 85m2 * 41 yuan / m2 = 3485 yuan

4, pass the stone paving paste (including Qinling cement sand) 5 * 35 yuan / block = 175 yuan

5, kitchen and bathroom ceiling (including Trida aluminum gusset) 10m2 * 135 yuan / m2 = 1350 yuan

The above article is the style feature of the American decoration introduced by Xiaobian, and the price of the American decoration. I believe that everyone knows about it after reading it. If it is soft, it will be even higher with furniture and electrical appliances. The design elements of the American-style decoration have a great impact on the cost. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs, please pay more attention to the decoration home network.

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