The top ten brands of flooring recommend to see what brand of your home floor

The floor is one of the main materials in the decoration. With the improvement of economic level, many owners will choose wood floors for decoration. Wooden floors not only improve the grade of decoration, but also highlight the user's pursuit of quality of life, so what kind of wood flooring is better Well, please follow me to find out about the top ten Chinese floor brands !

The top ten floors of the brand 1, Shengda floor

The brand of Shengda flooring has been well-received in the industry. It has repeatedly been rated as China's well-known trademark, and Shengda's philosophy is environmental protection. It pays attention to the quality of the product and gives people a comfortable and comfortable living space. It is also the most used decoration material for home improvement. .

Top ten floor brands 2 and World Friends floor


Shiyou flooring is produced in Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and adopts advanced technology. The products created are well recognized both in operation and in sales. Won the top 500 Chinese brands, well-known trademarks in China.

The top ten brands of floor 3, Parker Gao floor


Bogao flooring has particularly good moisture resistance and strong environmental protection. It is recognized as a well-known brand in the industry. Due to continuous technological innovation, it has won a number of honors and has become one of the country's export exempt products.

The top ten floor brands 4, Furen floor


Fukren flooring is mainly based on the production of laminate flooring, and the product quality is very good. It has a certain influence both domestically and internationally. At present, the products are exported to many countries. The owners received great recognition and praise.

Top Ten Brands Floor 5, Cicero Flooring


Cicero floor is a company that mainly produces and sells flooring. The floor produced is also located at the front of the industry and is deeply loved by consumers. The company's after-sales service is also doing quite well.

Top ten floor brands 6, good good floor


The floor structure produced by Haojiahao Floor is reasonable, and the styles and patterns are complete. At present, it has passed the certification of China Environmental Labeling Products. With perfect after-sales service, CCTV advertising has also made publicity for it, which has been highly praised in the industry.

Top ten brands of floor 7, Kailai floor


Gloria Gloria's flooring company is strong in strength, and its product quality is very good. The inspection rate has been 100% for 3 consecutive years. It has won China's exemption product and is one of the country's 500 most valuable brands.

Floor top ten brands 8, Fringel floor


Fillinger Floor's innovative and pragmatic production concept has produced flooring products that have been recognized by a wide range of consumers. They are far ahead in the market's competitiveness and are truly big brands.

The top ten brands on the floor 9, Zhu Tao floor


Zhutao Flooring is one of China's top ten flooring brands, originating in Jiangxi, China. The flooring produced is well-recognized in both sales and quality and is a famous brand in Jiangxi.

Top ten floor brands 10, Saint floor


St. Vincent's flooring mainly produces various types of flooring, and its floor quality has been favored by consumers in the industry. At present, it is honored with several honors such as China Well-known Trademark and China Environmental Label Certification, and it is also one of the top ten floor brands.

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