[tips] meltblown filter cloth mask which features? What is meltblown filter cloth?

What are the functions of the meltblown filter cloth mask? What is meltblown filter cloth? Melt-blown filter cloths have a good filter effect. With the strengthening of people's awareness of protection, melt-blown filter cloths have been used as masks for life. They are much welcomed. What is the structure of melt-blown filter cloth masks? What are the protective features? Let's take a look!


We wear masks in our lives, mainly to isolate dust and smog and bacteria and other viruses and pollutions. We also have different masks for different protection requirements. Common masks are usually made up of three layers, PP nonwovens on both sides. The middle layer is a protective meltblown fabric, generally 20 grams; and the N95 cup mask is composed of needle-punched cotton, meltblown fabric, and non-woven fabrics. The meltblown fabric is usually 40 grams or even Higher, plus the thickness of acupuncture cotton, so it looks a little thicker than a flat mask, the protective effect of at least 95%.

Meltblown filter cloth mainly plays a role of isolation and filtration in masks. Due to the special production process of meltblown filter cloth, it can effectively protect dust, bacteria, viruses and other invade the human body, reduce various infections, and effectively protect human health.

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