What are the advantages and disadvantages of microcrystalline ceramic tile ceramic tile

Microcrystalline tile has flat surface and clean, uniform color tone, texture is clear and elegant, shiny soft and crystal clear, beautiful colors, texture is hard and delicate, non-absorbent and anti-pollution, acid and alkali resistance to weathering, green, non-radioactive poisoning and other high-quality quality . The physical and chemical properties of these excellent microcrystalline tiles are unmatched by natural stone. What are the advantages and disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles and microcrystalline tiles? In this article, we will study together.

What is a microcrystalline tile

Micro-ceramic tile is a kind of ceramic tile new green environmental protection high-grade building decoration material which adopts natural inorganic materials and uses high-tech sintering through two high-temperature sintering. It has flat and clean surface, uniform color tone, clear and elegant texture, soft and shiny luster, beautiful colors, strong and delicate texture, non-absorbent and anti-pollution, acid and alkali resistant, weatherproof, green, non-radioactive, and other high quality. These excellent tile physical and chemical properties are unmatched by natural stone tiles.

1 advantages of microcrystalline tiles

The advantages of microcrystalline tiles: 1, fine texture

Glossy and soft surface gloss: Microcrystalline tiles have special microcrystalline structure and special glass matrix structure. The texture is delicate and the surface of the board is crystal clear and bright. It can produce diffusion and diffuse reflection effect for the injected light, making people feel soft and harmonious. .

The advantages of microcrystalline tiles: 2, soft texture

Microcrystalline tiles are materials that are fired and crystallized at a high temperature similar to the conditions for granite formation. In terms of appearance texture, the surface finish of the polishing plate is much higher than that of the stone (photometric brightness can reach 90-120 gloss units). More importantly, its special micro-crystal structure makes the light enter from any angle and passes through. The diffuse reflection of fine crystallite particles can evenly distribute the light to any angle (not just to the reflection angle like the mirror surface), so that the plate forms a soft jade texture and is more crystal clear and soft than the natural stone. The building is more colorful.

The advantages of microcrystalline tiles: 3, rich colors, a wide range of applications

The production process of micro-ceramic tiles can produce colorful tone series (especially the four colors of crystal white, beige and light gray and white linen are the most fashionable and fashionable) according to the needs of use. At the same time, it can make up for the difference of natural stone color. Defects, products are widely used in hotels, office buildings, railway stations and other interior and exterior decoration, more suitable for the family's advanced decoration, such as walls, floors, plaques, furniture, basins and other panels.

Microcrystalline tile advantages: 4, excellent performance

Better physical and chemical advantages than natural stone: Microcrystalline tiles are sintered in a special process at a high temperature similar to the conditions of granite formation. The texture is uniform, the density is high, the hardness is high, and the properties such as pressure resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, etc. Better than natural stone, durable wear, not easy to damage, but there is no common natural stone cracks.

Microlite tile advantages: 5, anti-pollution, easy maintenance

Microcrystalline stone tile water absorption rate is very low, almost zero, a variety of dirty mud, dyeing solution is not easy to infiltrate and penetrate, attached to the surface of the dirt is also very easy to clean and wipe, especially for the clean and maintenance of the building.

Microcrystalline tile advantages: 6, good acid and alkali resistance, excellent weather resistance

Microcrystalline tiles are chemically stable inorganic crystallization materials, and they also contain glass matrix structure. Their acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance are better than natural stone. Especially, their weather resistance is more prominent and they are not subject to long-term wind and sunlight. Will fade, but will not reduce the intensity.

The advantages of microcrystalline tiles: 7, can make the opposite sex plate

Microcrystalline stone tiles can be heated to produce various curved and curved panels required by customers, which has the advantages of simple process and low cost, and avoids cutting, grinding, time-consuming, material-consuming and wasteful resources of arc-shaped stone processing. Other disadvantages.

The advantages of microcrystalline tiles: 8, environmental protection

The production of microcrystalline tiles has artificially eliminated any elements that contain radiation, and does not contain the radiation damage that may occur to humans like natural stone. It is the safest green environmental protection material in the modern era.

Disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles

Disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles: 1, easy to show dirty

There are a certain number of pinholes on the surface of the microcrystalline tiles, and it is easy to see dirt. Microcrystalline tile decoration effect is very good, but it is easy to show dirty in use, families with children should pay attention. The advantages and disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone.

Disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles: 2, low strength

Crystalline ceramic tile surface crystal jade layer Mohs hardness of 5-6 grade, the strength is lower than the polished tile Mohs hardness 6-7 grade.

Disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles: 3, obvious scratches

Microcrystalline tiles have a high surface gloss, which can reach 90%, and can easily be seen if scratches occur.

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