What are the characteristics of Mediterranean furniture?

Everyone knows that the pressure on everyone in our lives is particularly great, so when we are at home, everyone is also special about our natural style. Especially the popular Mediterranean in comparison now is also a particularly popular style. Below, everyone and the decoration of the small series to understand, what are the characteristics of the Mediterranean decoration ? Let everyone know more clearly.


First, what are the characteristics of Mediterranean decoration?

1. It is a special pure color from our color tone. It is popular among Chinese people because of its pure color combination. It is also a special mood. Among them, the three typical color combinations are the blue coast and white sand beaches of Spain; the deserts and rocks unique to North Africa.

2, the person to understand the randomness of our design lines. It is the result of inadvertent smearing and dressing, and it feels special natural beauty. Formed is an irregular special surface. So many designers can come up with random patterns, which is its unique charm.

3, from our special way of decoration, many of the vine-like plants are the main decoration of the Mediterranean style, but also have their own characteristics. It is more common in the home, there are also small and lovely green potted plants. In the decoration style, the colors are all chosen to be old, and the decoration is more natural.

Second, the color characteristics of Mediterranean furniture


1. Blue and white in our style furniture: From the coast of Spain and Morocco to the east coast of Greece, Greece has its own characteristics. Spain's Côte d'Azur and white sand beaches, the white villages of Greece shine under the blue sky, plus the shells, fine sand walls, small cobblestones, collage mosaics, contrast and combination of blue and white To the extreme

2. There are also our usual colors of yellow, blue-violet and green: sunflowers and lavender fields in southern France, especially returning to our nature. In the presence of a golden, blue-violet colored flower and dark green leaves, it presents a bright and beautiful combination of colors, making it easy to see the reflection of natural colors.

3, in the end, it must be said that the soil yellow and reddish-brown tone: the natural landscapes such as deserts and sands unique to North Africa, especially with charm. It has a strong earthy yellow, reddish-brown tone, and is matched with the deep red and indigo of the endemic plants of North Africa, and the original golden shiny brass, which gives a warm feeling of close to the land.

For the Mediterranean style, everyone is particularly fond of it, because our decoration effect is relatively unrepressed. It gives people a feeling of special comfort. The above content can be selected for reference. Let our home be better. If you still want to continue with more renovation information, please continue to pay attention to the website of our decoration home.

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