What are the styles of modern decoration?

It is very important for users to determine their own decoration style when they are doing house decoration. After choosing the right furniture, it is best to decorate into a unified style. This will make the overall more harmonious and more beautiful, so what style of modern decoration ? What are the design points of the modern minimalist decoration style? The following article will give you a brief introduction.

What are the styles of modern decoration ? Natural style

The natural style is also known as the country style. The color of houses in the style of red and black is usually wood or green as the main color, and with a light blue color to restore the natural color.

What are the styles of modern decoration : simple style

The simple style of the house is mainly in silver grey and red, and then with other brightly colored decorations. The simple style can make your house space look bigger, which is very suitable for those small houses.

What are the three styles of modern decoration : retro style

The retro style is also called classical style. People who like this style are not necessarily those who are old and middle aged. You now have many people who prefer the retro style of decoration. This style is mainly based on noble and golden color. Lord, or you can see the color of cloud spots on marble.

What are the four styles of modern decoration : mix and match style

The mix and match style is mainly produced by the combination of the popular modern style and the classical style. This decoration style not only can increase the space, but also reveals a trace of classical charm.

Modern minimalist decoration style design points

1, color design

Modern minimalist style decoration is usually equipped with geometrical lines. It is mainly based on cheerful colors. In the color design, it will be influenced by the current school of painting, preferring to pursue the contrast and coordination between the primary colors to show the theme of the art.

2, decorative materials

The selection of materials in the modern minimalist style can not be limited to the traditional wood moon stone, and the scope of the material should be expanded to synthetic materials such as glass, plastic, and metal. The use of materials must exhibit a different style from the traditional ones. The atmosphere of a high standard of interior space often requires special techniques or elaborate craftsmanship at the junction of materials to achieve results.

3, space composition

The modern minimalist style pursues a flexible and clever use of space. It is necessary to infiltrate each other according to the connection between the spaces and make full use of each space in the house. When dividing the space, it is not necessary to confine the wall to the wall. The division of furniture, displays, ceilings, etc. will make the space of the house more compatible and fluid.

Article summary: The above is about the modern decoration which style and modern minimalist decoration style design points related to the introduction, hoping to give some help to those who want to decorate the modern style, modern decoration style focus on color and space collocation in order to play a perfect Effect.

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