What is the French country style model room like?

The feeling of the countryside is quiet, simple and leisurely, which is quite different from the modern mainstream furniture style. A few years ago, French-style styles appeared, and many people went to the crowd and felt so close for the first time. The original decoration can be so diverse, so that some people with personality have new choices. In fact, the home itself is such a thing, not only to make people comfortable, but also to satisfy people in all aspects. Please also follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the French country style model related knowledge!


French country style model room:

French country style theme, noble, romantic, quiet and luxurious. We can choose the rustic style according to our own requirements. It can be a simple and simple type, and it can also be designed to be luxurious and charming, making our home more attractive. From the French country style model room, we saw a lot of interesting elements, delicate lace and artistic feet.

French country style also likes to call a variety of bright colors, but it is no exaggeration, it looks very comfortable and relaxed. In fact, the house itself is a place to relax, and the decoration style should be the same. Too luxurious is rather cold, and the luxurious design and dressing will make people feel a sense of distance. It doesn't give people a feeling of closeness. The country style is just right, as if they are back to the quiet countryside.

The French country style design concept is the fluency and serialization of the space. The interior space looks very broad but very warm. The overall decoration style of the house is relatively uniform and there will be no sudden sense of awkwardness. The preference is to use lines to highlight the beauty of the details. The soft lines can always make the house look romantic, including the design of the furniture, and the use of the beauty of the lines, giving the impression of peace and comfort.

The size of the furniture is very particular, it will be relatively small but very arrogant, which also highlights the spatial fluency of the house. Different from the domestic furniture design, the domestic style is styling and angular, which gives people a very fashionable feeling, but visually feels that the indoor space will be small, which will affect the visual comfort. The glassware of the windows and the roof further reflects the romantic atmosphere of the French countryside.

The kitchen design is also very characteristic and will be over-extended according to the overall decoration style. Very natural and simple, it looks very relaxing and feels very comfortable. Retro wooden tables and cabinets, equipped with modern kitchen appliances, are very charming. The limestone walls are close to each other. The floor is made of large solid wood, atmospheric and laid-back. The hand-painted tiles on the walls are matched with the rustic paintings, and the rustic atmosphere is coming.

We looked at the French country style model room and felt that I was fascinated by this place. Do it here, as if you are one of them. You don't have to worry about so many files and reports, and you don't want to see people you don't want to see. Quietly living in this place that belongs to you, leisurely and funny. We really need this design style because it really makes us relax.


This style of decoration has begun to appear in the market, and many young people are also trying to make their home a French country style. Not only for personality, but also to hope that their city life can become more leisurely, because life is too short, can not always be spent in a hurry.

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