What kind of board is used for the cabinet? What is the price of the cabinet sheet?

After we moved to a new home, of course, the wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture. Some friends choose to customize the wardrobe in order to make our space very good. So what kind of board is used for the cabinet? This is will be a lot of friends want to know things, then, home decoration small series, for everyone to introduce, with the cabinet to do what a good plate of it? What is the price sheet and cupboard general.


First, what kind of board is used for the cabinet?

1. If you think about what kind of board to use for the cabinet, then let's talk about the MDF first. It is also called fiberboard, which is mainly made of finely divided wood fiber pressed at high temperature. The surface of the MDF is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the impact is resistant, and the processing is easy. The people who use it are not much. However, the MDF is not moisture-proof, and it is easy to expand and deform when exposed to water, so it is not appropriate to make cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms.

2, then let us talk about solid wood particle board, solid wood particle board is a relatively new environmentally friendly substrate, he is produced according to the particle board process, with the nature of natural wood, environmentally friendly performance is particularly good. At the same time, the processing performance is not bad with the particle board, and it has the characteristics of heat insulation and sound absorption. So very popular with friends.

3, solid wood multi-layer board is also a kind of cabinet plate that many people would like, it is mainly made of three-layer or more one-millimeter solid wood veneer or thin plate by adhesive hot pressing, the material of the core is mainly Poplar, miscellaneous wood and amine wood, etc., its high strength and stability are also special cattle. Since the solid wood multi-layer board has a large amount of glue, it must be sealed at the time of construction, which will reduce pollution.

Second, the price of the cabinet plate is generally


1, the top 100 fir finger joint board E0 grade solid wood straight puzzle board closet board direct board furniture board plug-in board integrated sheet, the reference price is generally around 186 yuan.

2, simple wardrobe rental room assembly plastic bedroom cabinet simple modern economical space-saving imitation wood plate type, the reference price is generally around 86 yuan.

3, paint-free high-gloss ebony veneer wood veneer background wall furniture door and window sets cabinet hotel KTV, etc., the reference price is generally around 135 yuan.

4, custom bamboo board material DIY real wood table panel corner countertop drawer word partition cabinet partition household, the reference price is generally around 60 yuan.

5, edging waterproof cabinet kitchen cabinet glue-free ecological wooden door furniture edging material decoration line wind-proof gap plate, the reference price is generally around 80 yuan.

What kind of plate is used for the cabinet? The price of the cabinet plate is generally. I believe that after reading the above article, everyone will definitely use the plate for the cabinet. There will be an answer in the heart, if still Want to know, more home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to, decoration home network.

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