Xiamen Golden Heron launches steel turning roughing QR groove series blade

Steel roughing has always been a major challenge in steel processing. The high metal removal rate in roughing requires not only the high-strength cutting edge of the insert, but also the low cutting resistance during the cutting process to reduce the loss of vibration during the cutting process to the machine tool. At present, the single-sided roughing inserts in the market occupy a certain market share, but compared with the single-face roughing inserts, the double-sided roughing inserts are more cost-effective and more popular in domestic and foreign markets.

In May 2014, Xiamen Jinlu Special Alloy Co., Ltd. launched a new steel roughing insert-QR groove series at the 2014 new product launch G-PAK14.1, which is a double for steel roughing. Face-transformable turning inserts.

In the design, the unique groove design of the QR groove fully considers the needs of rough machining. The design of the tool nose boss: effectively improves the strength of the tool tip and optimizes the chip breaking effect at large depth; the combination design of the variable rake angle and variable blade width : The sharpness and strength of the tool tip are guaranteed in both directions; the large chip flute and the shallow groove depth design can effectively suppress the chip clogging at the large depth of cut and make the chip removal smoother.

On the grade, the QR geometry is paired with two high-performance steel turning grades. One is GP1225 grade, QR slot type with GP1225 grade makes QR series blade have good wear resistance and toughness, suitable for general roughing of steel; second is GP1135 grade, QR slot type with GP1135 grade makes QR series insert have Excellent chipping resistance, suitable for strong interrupted cutting of steel. The combination of two high-quality grades enables the QR series of blades to be used in a wide range of applications to meet the roughing requirements of steel parts for the automotive and machine tool industries.

The combination of advanced groove design and high-performance steel turning grades makes the QR series blades have their own unique advantages in steel roughing: 1. The ultra-fine coating structure and the tough alloy matrix with excellent toughness are tightly combined to ensure the blade has Excellent wear-resistance and chipping resistance; 2. High-strength cutting edge of QR groove type, which exerts power in strong interrupted cutting and black skin processing; 3. Large chip flute ensures QR groove type at Ap=2 Good chip breaking, chip evacuation and stable cutting flow control can be achieved at ~10mm.

Since its launch, Jinlu Company's QR groove series has won unanimous praise and recognition from the market. It has a good performance in various fields. The following is a case study of QR groove type with GP1225 brand in gear processing. Cutting conditions: line speed 340m/min, feed rate 0.2mm/rev, depth of cut 5mm, gear material 40Cr, hardness HB174-229. Test results: The cutting life of the Xiamen Golden Heron QR grooved insert is 55% higher than that of the T company.

For the harsh and intermittent processing conditions in rough machining, the QR slot type also has a good performance. The following is a strong intermittent processing case with a QR slot type and GP1135 grade applied to the reverse planetary carrier. Cutting conditions: line speed 240mm/min, feed rate 0.3mm/rev, depth of cut 4mm, reverse gear carrier material is ZG40Cr, hardness HB220-260. Test results: Jinlu's QR grooved inserts have a 20% longer cutting life than W's blades.

With the development of the domestic basic manufacturing industry, the market demand for cutting tools is bound to become higher and higher. Jinlu will provide more reliable cutting tools according to customers' requirements, and will also take off with the Chinese economy.

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