Yang Jianxin: Steady progress in the contrarian of the furniture market

Affected by the regulation of real estate, the furniture industry has encountered an unprecedented dilemma. Many companies feel that this year is the winter of the furniture industry. For Yang Jianxin, who owns 9 brand stores in Yumin Decoration City, his business has not been affected by the market, but he wants to expand two or three stores. Why did he go against the trend, what kind of strength does he have to be so calm? After talking with Yang Jianxin, he found that Yang Jianxin’s cleverness is that he knows better what the customer wants, and he follows The pace of the customer, not the drift.

The bigger the store, the better the customer, the initiative to help sell

Yang Jianxin is a native of Jiangsu. Like many people, his entrepreneurship begins with working. From a small carpenter to a boss, his love of furniture has never changed. It is because of this love that Yang Jianxin can make the business bigger and bigger.

Today, Yang Jianxin has nine brand stores in Yumin Decoration City, namely Weitron, Zhonghui, Royal Peter, Meilun, Senyuan, Prince, Beijing Feilong, Dingyuan and Baichuan. These 9 brands are mainly solid wood furniture, and there are also some fabric sofas. Yang Jianxin has full confidence in his own products. He said: "It’s easier to get bigger, and often customers ask for recommendations."

In the interview, customers from time to time greeted Yang Jianxin, and one of the customers bought furniture was sent to Shanghai. Yang Jianxin said, "Good products, reasonable prices, and ample room for selection, not afraid of no business. There are too many customers in the field, Dalian, Beijing, Qinghai, and the farthest to the Netherlands."

Regarding the current severe economic situation, Yang Jianxin said that opportunities and challenges coexist. The more severe the economic situation, the more opportunities lurking, and the opportunities will always be reserved for those who are prepared. Especially in the furniture industry, in such a downturn, the more persistent, the more persistent, the more rewarding. "Who can fly against the trend here, speed up the corners, integrate quickly, form their own core, and whoever has more opportunities."

Good after-sales service has an inestimable effect
Yang Jianxin went to Yumin in 2000 and moved into Yumin Decoration City in 2002. After more than a decade, his feelings towards Yumin have become deeper and deeper, and he has to remain firmly in Yumin and has never wavered. He said: "I am a southerner. I can't say that I am very smart, but I have my own ideas. Yumin is a place to raise people, the people recognize it, and the company's leaders also specialize in maintaining the industry.
In the business, in addition to excellent products, after-sales service is also essential. Yang Jianxin said that for more than a decade, the furniture he sold was delivered to the door and installed free of charge, requiring workers not to ask customers for a penny. It is worth mentioning that he also provides a free disassembly and assembly service. Customers only need to make a phone call, and Yang Jianxin will send workers to the door to disassemble the furniture for the moving customers. "For more than ten years, our customers have been quite a lot. Moving and disassembling for free has added a lot of work to us, but the return is immeasurable. Now 70% of the customers are repeat customers, or returning customers introduced this. Can not be separated from our quality after-sales service."

Faced with the downturn in the market, Yang Jianxin said that he believes that business will become more and more difficult to do, but if you find the right point and follow the footsteps of customers, you will definitely fly against the trend.

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